Monday, 19 December 2016

We've Lost Toby

We've Lost Toby from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Summer Learning Journey 1 (Canada)


Image result for canadaCanada is a country in the northern half of North America, stretching from the U.S. in the south to the Arctic Circle in the north. It is ten provinces and three territories, it’s a massive country filling up with people to about 35.9 million people. It is the Second largest country in the world. Canada’s Capital is Ottawa, Canada also has many incredible sites and places including Quebec City, Niagara Falls, CN Tower, and Canadian Rockies. In the eastern parts of Canada it can go from very hot to very cold, depending where you are.

The flag of Canada also referred as the Canadian flag, its design is red fields, then a white square and lastly a 11 pointed maple leaf, Canada has a lot of wildlife like American bison, Arctic hare, badger, beaver, black bear, bobcat, little brown bat, Canada lynx, reindeer (caribou), coyote, grizzly bears, and much much much more. Canada also has lots of snowy mountains where people ski and snowboard.


Saturday, 26 November 2016

Noah's Thank you letter to Peter and Erin Kawau Island

Dear Peter & Erin
It’s Noah, Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to you guys for letting us have a amazing camp at Kawau Island. I am very thankful for Peter and Erin also my teachers and helpers for looking after us throughout the camp, another thing I am also thankful for  is getting to learn how to abseil, Kayak a lot better, build a bivouac, all those kinds of things.
The first highlight at camp was experiencing how to try new things, and finding out new things about wildlife. To be honest I never saw a weka, until I went to Kawau Island. I loved seeing the orcas they were very impressive. Thank you very much for letting us have a enjoyable time at camp.
One thing that I learnt from camp is to stay strong and be brave.
Yours Sincerely
Kind Regards Noah

Monday, 7 November 2016

Monday, 31 October 2016

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

A wild Adventure

As the sun shone in a beautiful cottage in South America's rain forest three healthy and strong gentleman lived there, the oldest one was Jono , second Max, and last Simon. They were all explorers looking for a tail told long ago that people sometimes said it was true. That’s why these men are in the Forest, they say the tail lives in a cave, this cave was the darkest and deadliest cave of them all. Here is a glimpse of what a man saw before suffering from having poison struck in him from the beast. “It was the darkest cave I have ever seen until I was attacked by a terrible fire dragon” and just like that the man was gone.

So that's why the explorers wanted to see it for themselves and maybe slay the beast if they got the chance. Now back to the story, As the explorers set out to find the cave they didn’t know it was going to be hard to find it, so they went up and down mountains through rivers until they found it Jono went first then Max, then Simon “ooooh that smell is disgusting” Simon said whilst holding his nose. Jono was noticing there was bones of people and animals all around.

Then at that moment when Jono was looking around he saw to red ferocious eyes staring at him then it moved closer and closer until you could see its whole body Simon ran behind max petrified of the dragon Jono carefully pealed out of his pocket is sharp blade gripping it tightly, Jono bolted at the dragon and stabbed it in the stomach, the dragon bursted out flames, Max and Simon helped cut the dragon until it died like a heap of ants taking on a weta. Then when Max did his last cut in the dragon. They could not believe it but the dragon fell to the ground, Jono glanced at the fellow explorers "we did it".

Noah's Practice Test 2016 - Writing

As Brian leaned his head back and gulped gallons of water to try and get cool from the hot sun. Alex was too busy enjoying his time listening to his tunes and driving, “Are we there yet?” said Brian, “Not yet maybe half an hour”  replied Alex, they were travelling into the jungle, but first they had to get past the hot sun in America.

BEEP... BEEP... BEEP... “Oh no the fuel tank is empty, we have to walk now!” Alex leaned the Jeep to the side of the road, grabbed the gear and started to walk. Brian Moaned “Boo this sucks!”. After a long journey they eventually found themselves in the jungle, Alex had a pocket knife at the back of him and he wasn’t afraid to use it, but as they went further into the jungle Alex got a tighter grip on the pocket knife.

Then Brian saw something unusual, a old cabin in the side of a tree, with a door that had broken glass and dusty doors Brian told Alex that they should check it out. Brian wanted to go in first because he was so dieing to see that something might be in there. At that moment a shimmer of gold caught his eye “What the…”

Brian carefully pushed the door, both of their mouths dropped to see tons and tons of Precious GOLD! They could not believe their eyes so they started shoving gold in their backpacks. They finally got a ride home and became two of the most richest people in my story.

Monday, 17 October 2016

My favourite thing about Riverside Camp

As the cold water splashed on my face I ran to the black slippery slide and at the end there was white bubbly foam coming from the massive foam cannon, I ran too fast like a lightning bolt that I slipped on the slide backwards and plunged into the foam. I came out like I was in a white bubbly suit, it felt so nice so I jumped back in the foam and started to play in it, when I was under I blew a little hole in the foam so that I could breath whilst being under the foam. As soon as I swallowed the it I leaped out of the foam then ran to the tap to vanish the disgusting taste from my mouth. So far that was my little favourite thing about Riverside Camp.

It was so fun but a privilege to be there.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Noah's Usain Bolt's Writing Doc

Usain Bolt sprints down the race track like a bolt of lightning, winning the 100m race, people call him the fastest man alive which is probably true but he did get beaten by Yohan blake and Justin Gatlin. Usain was born a runner in Jamaica where he ran and ran, he contributed to the Olympics in 2008 where he won three gold medals and in 2012 he won his fourth gold medal.

When Usain Bolt was 15 years old he competed in the Junior championships, and was petrified about running until his mum came in and calmed him down by saying “You can always go faster when you keep it light” and at that moment Usain Bolt stood up and went to the track cheered up and showed everyone his Usain Bolt move. The runners got into their positions, set.

BANG! The runners were off Usain Bolt was coming 2nd to last until he reminded himself about what his mum said and sped up to 1st place, then he dreamed he was running on clouds until he jumped off and ran once more.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Noah's Explanation Writing - Technology as a PED

Swimming technology were banned from the Olympics because they were swimming too fast and they had already broken Twenty world records that haven’t been broken before. Now the male swimmers can only wear swimming shorts no t-shirts. Technology is very powerful to the Olympic games because people have started with shoes, tape, running blades, suits, bikes and more.
PED (Performance enhancing drugs) are tempting to use for an athlete that always loses, in Russia they wanted to win by cheating, so they used PED and started to win until a Russian athlete clean of PED maned up, and told the IOC Russia was cheating and so they were banned from the Olympics. The Russian Council was very selfish and cheated, then got their entire country banned from the Olympics and some of the clean athletes were banned as well.
Lots and lots of athletes around the world have used PED some of them have used it and thrown it away, others keep it as an ally to help them win, well that doesn’t go so well because they can get caught. Example, Justin Gatlin used PED and threw it away, and some athletes still think he is cheating.
So if you are an athlete and want to win gold medals do not use PED, God gave everyone a gift to do something great, Hope you enjoyed my writing.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Noah's Practice letter to PM (Prime Minister)

Pt England School
130 Pt England Road
Pt England
Auckland, 1072

Thursday 25th August 2016

Dear Prime Minister John Key,

Kia Ora my name is Noah, I’m a year 6 student at Pt England School. I would like to discuss with you a problem about the pollution in the rivers, creeks, and sea  all around New Zealand. People have thrown rubbish into our waters, and all around our country, also our native creatures have eaten it and got really sick until they die.

First I suggest that you could make some rules about this problem, we need more rubbish bins, maybe fines to people who are caught littering on the streets, then maybe even a activity game for the kids in the community to collect the most rubbish.

If people keep this happening our environment will die, our waters won’t have enough sea life, we won’t have any food left, I think we could make a giant rubbish crusher that crushes the rubbish, our country will be filled with garbage and it will not be very nice. So you should make some decisions to the people who litter, and help NZ.

Yours Sincerely Noah S

Noah's Athlete Advice

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

If I were at the Olympics - Planning & Writing

The Olympics transforms lives through the joy of sports. If we didn't have the Olympics our world wouldn't have fun and we wouldn't have the fastest runners in the world, like Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake and Justin Gatlin.

The athletes usually wake up early in the morning, go to the gym and train for 5 or 6 hours every six days and have a rest on Sunday. The Equipment they use are weights, exercise wheels, Fitness mats, Tracks, press ups, and more. They train to get faster at running, swimming, cycling, and all those kinds of sport they use in thee Olympics.

The technology has changed so much over the years especially with Runner’s, what they wear and there shoes, also with the swimmers are working with Under Armor to make the best swimsuit ever made, most people work in secret. Some designers got their swimsuits band from the Olympics, some people said it was cheating, because all the swimmers that wore that suit broke world records in one Olympics game.

Athletes get rewarded medals for their participation and skill, people scream and shout because they are so happy to be them in the Olympics. The medals people get are Gold for 1st place, Silver for 2nd place and Bronze for 3rd place. People get so excited that they cry their eyes out.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Noah's Real life Hero (Captain Sullenberger)

Screenshot 2016-06-27 at 5.14.44 PM.png
A brave, smart, skilled man by the name of Captain Sullenberger, was a great and noble pilot. Before he became a US pilot, he took lessons, and then training. He had to be a pilot with his co pilot First Officer Jeffrey Skiles on a passenger plane with 150 passengers inside. He flew that plane on January 15th, 2009, from New York's LaGuardia Airport, to International Airport in North Carolina.                                                                                                                        
The plane flew higher and higher as Captain Sullenberger steered the yoke carefully so they would fly straight to there destination. As the plane flew over the Hudson river, a flock of Canadian geese were flying by flapping their wings so they wouldn't drop. As the plane flew the Canadian geese got sucked straight into the engine.  People call it bird strike.

Screenshot 2016-06-27 at 5.13.43 PM.png
As the smoke rose out of the plane, he had to land it, or it would be all his fault. He had to warn the passengers.“This is the Captain speaking, we have a slight problem with the engines, we will have to land in the water. Buckle up your seatbelts and hold on”

The plane shuttered and shaked everyone felt horrified, until the plane plunged in the water but didn't sink, 150 people screamed and shouted, Captain Sullenberger calmed them down and said “get on the wings the lifeguards will come” As he said the lifeguards came in a roaring boat. They all stood on the wings of the plane, as the lifeguards went away and came back dropping off people on the wing of the plane, Captain Sullenberger and Jeffrey Skiles both got on the wing of the plane and got carried back to land.      

All the 150 people that were on the passenger plane flown by Captain Sullenberger were saved and are very grateful for his bravery and skill.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Maori Warrior Narrative Writing

A big pulse of fear ran through the young warrior. As Maori warriors from the enemy tribe came to attack him, he stayed still. Soon they came closer and closer. He sprang down the hill swinging his patu aiming at the evil enemy facing him. He ran down the hill with his muscular arms holding his patu tightly. Standing with pride as warriors came to attack, he clenched his teeth and screamed.

The young warrior’s patu struck each man from the enemy tribe. One down... two down... three... down, until they all fell on him. But as he turned the chief of the other tribe rushed in and said “you will come with us and be our prisoner” just before he hit him with his patu. That was the last thing he heard and saw when he blacked out.
When he woke up he wondered where he was. There he lay on the dirty mucky ground with branches acting as bars blocking the entry to the pit. The bold warrior grabbed his patu and whacked the wood, again, again, again, until they broke like firewood getting chopped by a axe. He climbed and then ran out thirsty for water. He was going to get his revenge.
Later that night, he hid behind the Whare where the enemy tribes chief lay there asleep. He stared at him then as he lifted up his patu it became higher and higher until boosh. From that night on no one saw the chief alive again. The young Warrior sprinted back to his village and his tribe for his own safety. Everyone in the Good tribe celebrated and cheered.

Friday, 10 June 2016

20 hour famine Writing!

No eating, no drinking, it could be The 20 Hour Famine, what do you think it might be? well I know what it is, the 20 Hour Famine is when you can't eat for 20 hours. You do it because some people don't have money, Food, shelter and drinks. Buildings are destroyed, people bombing refugees, which is very sad. We have an event at school, where we get in teams, but the best team is finally….The best team out of all of them… THE BLUE TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :} :} If you would like to come first, Go on this site Ask your mum!!!

Noah's Avengers Assemble!

With his bulging muscles tensing, his teeth clenching together as he jabbed the boxing bag one, one, two, two, he was in a old boxing arena, his eyes full control on the bag pretending it was a enemy, having flashbacks when he was Captain America. He leaned back faced his head to the ceiling and pounded with air catching his breathe, Ripped off his sweaty boxing gloves and took a rest. The sun went down as he ran to his flash apartment in the city on the 2nd floor, in room number 5. He did his usual, check his phone, eat dinner, a delicious chocolate chip cookie from the jar,  brushed his teeth, 650 press ups and climbed into bed with the fan on and the lights off.                                                                                                                                              
Steve Rogers (Captain America) woke from his sleep and heard hundreds of alarms almost 2 blocks down the street. He could barely go back to sleep, Steve jumped from his bed and got his uniform, his shield, and said “Let's see what's happening.” Pounding the pavement using his strong long legs that raced down the street. 3 police vehicles parked next to a strange object Steve had to take a closer look. Everyone was crowded around a weird shaped metal egg, then at that moment smoke creeped out of the cracks of the egg, every second the egg would open up more and more. People kept peeking and leaning forward trying to get a better view of what was inside this mysterious thing. At that moment it started making weird noises, and then, and then, BOOM! Ultron was alive he spoke to the horrified people in a way they would never forget “you are all dead”

Captain America threw his shield at Ultron, whack, Ultron fell to the ground. Captain yelled, “Get inside!” He sprinted out to defeat the evil Ultron. Steve whacked him, he slashed him, most importantly he kicked his but into the wall like playing squash. Then the police came, Ultron's last feeling of anything would be metal bars, in a dark miserable creepy Prison.                        

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Noah's Descriptive Writing

Extension Practice Writing

As the white glowing moon rose from the horizon, beaming it's light on the floor of the earth, an ordinary man stood listening attentatively. At first he heard the hooting owl in the nearby trees, then a vocal cricket chirping in the long swaying grass. But suddenly he was alerted to the noise of a howling cry from a vicious, savage, beastly coyote. Finn aimed his barrel, one eye open and the other closed, following the vicious beast scattering across the fields. He had to do it quickly or it was to late, POW! He missed, but the bullet scared off that coyote for a night, he had to make a plan, he would use the chickens as bate, and he will sneak in the coop, the next night it was a whole lot different.

The coyote was back, but he didn't see Finn, that coyote sneaked it's way into the chicken coop and glared at them. Finn peaked into the coop pulled the trigger and BOOM! The dark brown coyote fell straight to the planks of wood, the chickens squawked in a fright, but now that coyote was gone they knew they were safe.

Thank you if you read my blogpost have a nice day :) (Noah)

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Noah's Superhero Animation!

Noah's Superhero from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Here is my superhero animation. The superhero character I selected is Spiderman, Evil Robo the bady, saw Spiderman, he wanted to challenge him but spiderman was to good he had already turned him into a tin can. This movie has impressive detail, check it out!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Will He Save Her

A cold windy day got worse and worse, with Rain coming down Pouring on New York City, they  called it “The big Storm.” Spiderman crouched on the Second building closest to Mary Jane's work. She was a News Reporter, she went to work at 7am and left at 9pm but that storm never stopped. Mary would Interview many people in and around New York city, Sometimes she got to go to other places, she would interview The President of USA, The Mayor, some famous people but never Spiderman.

After work at 9:02 Mary sat comfortably in her fancy car and started driving, her motor roared like a lion as she drove out of the parking lot, went down the motorway heading to the bridge. When she got to the start of the bridge Spiderman, started jumping over buildings getting a better view of Mary's safety, At that moment a Dirt truck intersected into Mary's lane just in front of her, But suddenly the trucks tire loosened, and hit Mary's car which bowled into the side of the bridge, Mary couldn't move out of fear, her car creaked and leaned back and forth.

Spider Man was already on the bridge trying his hardest to get Mary to safety. The vehicle leaned ford, to far and slipped off the bridge. Mary jumped out of the car and tried to land in the water safely, Spider Man leaped down his eyes widened as she got closer and closer to the water. He sprang out a web trampoline and attached it underneath the bridge, Mary bounced on the web, then came spiderman, he landed feet first, he was so quick he had already clenched to Mary and jumped up on the bridge, when they got to the top he put her down carefully Mary asked “who are you?” Spiderman said with confidence “I'm Spiderman!”.

Will she be saved? Yes

Alphabet Multiplication 3

Noah Character Description Task Extension

Friday, 20 May 2016

Noah's Fab Four Presentation

Noah's The Fab Four

   When Human              When Superhero  
    May 16, 2016 10:05:46 AM.jpg        May 16, 2016 10:07:51 AM.jpg
I have created a Superhero called Max storm he is a male human that lives a normal 19 year old life boxing for fame, but when he sees a bolt of lightning he turns into a 6 foot 5 22 year old superhero, a very famous hero, he takes care of villains and baddies but his strongest power is telling the future. My superhero is smart courageous, brave, tough, handsome, he's got muscles on top of muscles, fast and friendly. How he got his superpower is when he got struck by lightning.

One time he predicted that there was going to be a volcano eruption, so he cleared everyone closest to the volcano, and when it erupted no one was harmed, that proves he is a good hero. When human his cool outfit is   a peace long sleeve top, baggy track pants and black Sneakers, when superhero striped red and yellow suit with a cape and a head band with holes to see through.

If Max storm was real this is how he would help kids like us, if we do bad things later on in life, he could turn us a different way and change the future.  Thanks so much If you left a comment or read my blog, Noah out.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Archibald Baxter

                                          Screenshot 2016-05-11 at 8.37.16 PM.png     

Archibald Baxter lived his life courageously. He objected to participating in The Great War. Even though Archibald objected to war, he was conscripted to go to war by law or face punishment. People who said that they object to war were punished and called cowards, Archie would have been lonely. Archie grew up on a farm went to school, at the age of twelve, he got out of school and worked on the farm. He was the second of eight children who were poor and often hungry. He was courageous because he didn't believe in war but was forced to go anyway. The military police would often give him a beating, then put him in the front line who faces the enemy. This is how much courage Archie had. He knew he wouldn't surrender,even when he was tied to the pole in the snow and his entire body was numb, some time starved, and bullets were flying around him.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Noah's Immersion Assembly Recount

The moment I woke up, Team 4 was doing comics and Superhero's. I felt really Pumped for school,  I happily walked to school so anxious to see Team 4’s Movie, I put my bag on a chair, lined up in two straight lines and walked to the hall for a awesome Immersion Assembly.  

As I sat down my friend Ajani, came and sat down next to me, We sang the national anthem, sat down, and got comfortable  for the movies, first there was Team 1. They made a movie showing their favourite things, which was cool, I don’t want to tell all of them because it will take ages. So skip, skip. Now there is Team 4.

Comics were invented in 1827 by Rudolph Topffer, I love Comics They make you so into the book and make you never put the book down. If you don’t like comics you must be so weird.

So Buy a comic, Read it and never put it down. Thank you for reading my Writing.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Noah's Year 5 and 6 camp Review

The blogpost I am Reviewing is Simon’s, in his first paragraph he tells the audience about how amazing it is to be on camp, He also tells them about the cool  activities and where he slept in the small tent. He said that his tent buddies were Kyron and Mitchell.

His second slide was talking about his group name ( Kind Crew) He also said Sabrina and him were the camp leaders for their group, he also said his group was awesome and helpful to anyone that was stuck with anything. I bet he loved being a camp leader.

His Third slide talked about the camp activities. His favourite activity was top town, and the reason why it was top town because his team worked together and also won. Then he explained all the other activities like cooking, Kayaking, free time in the hall, and camp practices.

His fourth slide is when the camp went to the papakura pools, He says his favourite thing about the pools was when simon and I were playing this shark game. How you played it is there would be two players, by the way you have to be in water/ Pool, one person would have goggles the other person had to run away or swim and if the shark (tagger) would touch you they would swap places.

After half an Hour of being in the inside pool we got to go in the outside pool, he shivered saying that one of the small pools were ice cold, he got so cold he ran in the lane pool beside the ice pool. It was way warmer in the lane pool than being in the ice pool.

Now it is the camp concert, He sat in the front of his team with sabrina on the other side. He said that heaps of groups went before him, they all hopped off stage until it was his camp item, he said he danced his heart out, then at the end of the concert they said “The winner is the kind legends!”

Simon would like to say Thanks to Mr burt for making Year 5 and 6 camp happen, also to the teachers that looked after us overnight. Lastly the cooks that cooked and prepared the food for everyone on camp. THE END

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The Adventure

Screenshot 2016-05-10 at 5.11.27 PM.png

With the Sun's flaming layers of heat coming upon me I could tell it would be boiling hot today. A lot of hours before I received a message, on my email by my grandmother, saying “Would you like to come on an adventure”, It was a very full on day at school. With my friends asking me where are you going? or what are you going to do there? They kept on asking me these questions but I said no because at the start of this Paragraph I said that it would be a surprise location, The place I was Excitingly going to was a camp in Waikato called Miranda hot springs.

Then after maths just before lunch I got my Chromebook my bag and sensibly walked to the office waiting to see my mum. I saw Toby (my brother) So anxious to go to the Surprise location. My Grandmother took me and Toby to the Mini storage in Penrose, we put all our gear in the Motor home, then started the engine it roared like a lion as we drove away.

Part 1 going to part 2

Monday, 4 April 2016

Noah's Voting on the NZ Flag

Walt: share a range of viewpoints about why the
 NZ flag should or should not be changed.

Walt:  gain an understanding of the voting process undertaken to make decisions for NZ.

Noah's Year 5 and 6 Camp - 2016

Walt: write an interesting recount   

Friday, 1 April 2016

Noah Telling Time

Walt: Tell time in hours.
Here is a Presentation to show you what I did in Maths class. Take look. :)

Extension Movie

Simon Group MTV from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
At Extension we made our own group movie, explaining what Wheoritia te atawhai means and what we do at Pt England school. The people that were in our group were Ana L, Me, Simon (Leader), Piakea and Bethan, Hope you Enjoy this Movie.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Reading Padlet

WALT: transfer information from one context to another.
                                                         WALT: put information we find into our own words.

I learnt about a Tsunami that came over a cliff and shaped pebbles then dropped on the cliff. Also about tuatua shells that were also on top of the cliff read these texts to find out how it happened.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Advice Column

Volcanoes from Around the World

WALT:Through finding out about volcanoes around the world to pin on a map, we are learning to make meaning of a range of texts by identifying main ideas in them and then translating the information and ideas that we learn into our own words.

We had to create a map showing where are they and how can they affect the world. we had to create it  because people around the world could see where they are. we used Google maps and a pin to show where it is.

While completing this task I have learnt that a lot of the volcanoes are on the ring of fire. The reason why Christchurch always gets earthquakes, is because the Pacific boundary line is exactly on Christchurch. For safety you must be careful if you live near or close to a volcano. I enjoyed knowing all about Volcanoes, and how powerful they can be.

Monday, 29 February 2016

Noah's Writing narrative

Long ago, in a time of life, there were three mountains. The first mountain was named Mt Wellington, He was very strong and was the wisest. Then the next Mountain, who was the smartest. He was Timmy. He knew almost everything, and the last and least strongest was fear he was scared of everything Especially The Evil Doctor Mouth Claws, Worst villain ever known, he would fly around the mountains saying “I'm the best, I'm this and that” blah blah blah, So annoying. The mountains strongly disliked him very much, But what Mouth Claws never knew, there was not just the mountains but also a humble kind strong Cowboy named Cowboy Jones.

He lived in a giant house and his dog shaggers, the house got covered by the trees so Mouth Claws couldn't see it, and one of the reasons why mouth claws never bothers to look is because he is scared of the green lake forest. Now let me tell you about Cowboy Jones life.

Oh the smell of sweet feijoas on the cool green grass, then there grows a giant tree that supports Jones house from falling.Then it happened the most weirdest thing. Mt Wellington got so angry at mouth claws that he moved fast all the way to mouth claws and bumped him into the sky. He was laughing so much he could barely breath. The other mountains were clapping and saying Well done! Mt Wellington Well done!

One sunny morning with the sun layers on my skin I felt the warmth and woke up with a smile on my face. I took the duvet off me and looked out the window I saw the creek and the ducks that lived in there. Then he realized that there was no yelling or screaming and rage upon the mountains. then he grinned a little bit and said finally that rotten, annoying, rude, teasing mouth claws is out of here. This was the best day of the week for him because he could go shooting with his rifle.

He would wait and wait and wait and slowly move up and BOOM! The bullet Went straight through a Pig, He sneaked up to the pig, he took out his pocket knife. He checked if it was dead then grabbed it by it's legs and into the house Hade had a wonderful dinner and went to sleep with no mouth claws to annoy him. The End

Friday, 26 February 2016

Noah's Info Poster

Duffy theatre short story

One day I came to school because I was excited about the Duffy theatre. We lined up and walked to the hall we sat down waiting for the characters to introduce themselves The story was about how this girl lost her dad in war and loved him very much, and then a ninja got a teleportation device and changed time and saved her dad. That is the end of my story Thanks.