Monday, 10 April 2017

Noah's Explanation Free Writing: Sushi

Have you ever wanted to taste the delicious dish of Sushi? Well, let me explain more about it.. Sushi is a Japanese meal that is very tasty, and if you buy it, I bet buying sushi will be a habit in your life. I am thankful that people invented it.

First of all, let's talk about the history. The original form of sushi first came to japan century in Japan around 2000 years ago. The original type of sushi was first developed in Southern Asia, where they ate rice and fish. The japanese started to eat three meals a day with rice.

The main tasty sushi dish is salmon and avocado together squished by rice and wrapped around with a layer of seaweed, one of my favourite recipes are Teriyaki chicken on rice with mayo, very delicious and tasty.

If you have never tried Sushi and you don’t know where it is, go to st pierre's sushi store in panmure right next to the roundabout, Hopefully you enjoyed this piece of writing.

Noah's Explanation Writing: What is one of my favourite pastimes

Hello readers, I am going to talk to you about one of my favourite past times, Well it has to start with Tidying up, I love tidying up because it makes me feel proud of myself and it looks very clean, plus I love playing with the vacuum because it feels like I’m driving a race car around my house, and besides if you do it then you won’t have to do it afterwards.

First I would have to go with tidying up because if visitors come to your house for a sleepover or for dinner, you won’t feel embarrassed if they say “this family doesn’t care about their house” so we should keep our houses clean and tidy because if people come over and see a nice and clean house they will want to stay the night there.

Lastly, we should tidy up our houses because if we clean it then after we won’t get into trouble by our parents. We should tidy up the first time or you will probably get in trouble. Your mother and father will be very proud of you.

There you have it, I have just explained to you what my favourite pastime is, so if you see anything that needs tidying up in your house, by all means tidy it up, but don’t shove it under the bed or in the wardrobe, instead tidy it up and life will be easier.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Why my mum is my role model

I would like to say that Shannon (mum) is my role model not because I like her more than anyone else but because she’s around most of the time. She is very nice to us and my three brothers, she gives us food, she helps my brothers and I with our homework, I love her and the good thing is she loves me, she also gives me hugs and kisses. I am blessed to have a mum.

Another way my mum is my role model is when she shows leadership, to us boys, she shows it by helping the church, and giving people food when they don’t have any, or just help take out the rubbish bins. She is a blessing to us and helps us whenever. We should show more leadership in our lives.

The next way my mum is my role model is she makes me feel happy, she makes me feel happy because when I feel lonely she comes and gives me comfort, especially when nobody's around. I like it when my mum gives me comfort because she also takes care of me. Here you have it, I have explained to you a couple of ways why my mum is my role model, hopefully you enjoyed my piece of writing,

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Savoury Tech Food - Beef Cobler!

Beef Cobbler!
Hey bloggers, Today I have gone to tech at Tamaki college to make Beef Cobbler! Yum, to make the Beef cobbler we had to get union, Beef stock, flour, butter, egg, mince, herbs, oil, milk and sweet chilli. It taste's so good, thanks to miss heka for teaching us,