Friday, 20 May 2016

Noah's The Fab Four

   When Human              When Superhero  
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I have created a Superhero called Max storm he is a male human that lives a normal 19 year old life boxing for fame, but when he sees a bolt of lightning he turns into a 6 foot 5 22 year old superhero, a very famous hero, he takes care of villains and baddies but his strongest power is telling the future. My superhero is smart courageous, brave, tough, handsome, he's got muscles on top of muscles, fast and friendly. How he got his superpower is when he got struck by lightning.

One time he predicted that there was going to be a volcano eruption, so he cleared everyone closest to the volcano, and when it erupted no one was harmed, that proves he is a good hero. When human his cool outfit is   a peace long sleeve top, baggy track pants and black Sneakers, when superhero striped red and yellow suit with a cape and a head band with holes to see through.

If Max storm was real this is how he would help kids like us, if we do bad things later on in life, he could turn us a different way and change the future.  Thanks so much If you left a comment or read my blog, Noah out.


  1. Anth & Shan31 May 2016 at 18:01

    Hey Noah,
    How very creative - does he stay 22 years old, every time he becomes a superhero?
    What a very awesome super power - that's a huge responsibility to encourage people to make right choices... I wonder if there's anyone else who already does that?
    Love Mum