Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Noah's Usain Bolt's Writing Doc

Usain Bolt sprints down the race track like a bolt of lightning, winning the 100m race, people call him the fastest man alive which is probably true but he did get beaten by Yohan blake and Justin Gatlin. Usain was born a runner in Jamaica where he ran and ran, he contributed to the Olympics in 2008 where he won three gold medals and in 2012 he won his fourth gold medal.

When Usain Bolt was 15 years old he competed in the Junior championships, and was petrified about running until his mum came in and calmed him down by saying “You can always go faster when you keep it light” and at that moment Usain Bolt stood up and went to the track cheered up and showed everyone his Usain Bolt move. The runners got into their positions, set.

BANG! The runners were off Usain Bolt was coming 2nd to last until he reminded himself about what his mum said and sped up to 1st place, then he dreamed he was running on clouds until he jumped off and ran once more.

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