Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Paideia Seminar - Term 4 2018

Today the Extension group had our very own Paideia Seminar, we were discussing about Obesity and how it affects peoples lives. We also talked about Healthy and unhealthy foods and how people get distracted from buying the right food to the wrong food, and unfit and fit people. We all had to research our facts and ideas, Our group, the Athletes which was Kyron Ajani and I researched on Athletes and how fitness is a big part in the life of an athlete.

Friday, 28 September 2018

Chicken dance - Reflection

Yesterday on Thursday the 27th of September, was the day when team 5 had our own performance day. We all have been practising very hard to make our items amazing, although my group made a last minute item because we didn't know what to do until the last week of practising. We had nothing to think about so we performed a chicken dance. 

Jayden, William, Simon and I were told that just in case our performance didn't go as planned, then we would have to at least have costumes or accessories. So we practised our dance filled out the workbook, looked for costumes. I didn't know what to get so I got white feather boa's and orange face paint. We used the face paint as chicken beaks and then we got the feather boa's and rapped them around our arms and flapped our wings like chickens.

Everyone was there, they had all practised for this moment, there were amazing performance's like Unicycle's, kung fu, hip hop, cultural dances, chicken dances. It was our time to perform so we went on stage and performed the Chicken Dance.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Outlook For Someday - Extension Movie

Here is a movie that we had to create for Extension, it was all about money hacks and how to save money. In this movie it talks about how to be smart when you don't know what to do, interviews with some people. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

What I would do if I could Time Travel

If you had the chance to Time Travel, but you could only make two trips, where would you go and what would you do? Well If I had the chance to Time travel with a friend. First of all I would go back in time when I sat my first test, because I would know all the answers so that when I am older I will be very smart and get academics. I would do this because when I go to college I won’t be behind in class.

And the second trip would be to when the Time machine was invented so that I can Time travel multiple times, and if I wanted to go back to the present. I would like to time travel, but if I do something wrong in the past it could affect my future. If you had the choice to use a time machine, where would you go and what would you do?

Monday, 24 September 2018

Little Red Riding Hood - Fairy Tale Re-Written

Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time, there was a little cottage, and in that cottage lived a Granny and her niece,
Little red riding hood, (short for red). Red’s parents were attacked by a mean villain called The
Big Boss, he was trying to get information about where Granny keeps her recipes, but they refused,
so to his delight, he killed them. The Granny was famous for her recipes, she made the most delicious
brownies, cupcakes, cookies and all different kinds of sweets.

One day little red riding hood was delivering muffins to some of the customers in the
neighbourhood, as she was delivering muffins, she realised that the shops and bakeries were
sold out, and there was only one person that Red could think about, The Big Boss “He’s been
stealing all of the recipes” she said quietly to herself, “He might steal Granny's recipes!” Red
changed her course and headed to Granny's Bakery, It was closed because Granny had the day
off, But Red always keeps a key in her basket just in case of an emergency.

Red slowly checked the area to see if anyone was spying on her, checked once in the bakery,
then outside again. Red slowly grabbed the key and suddenly heard a stick crack behind her, she
quickly grabbed the key, stuffed it in the key hole, ran through the kitchen down the hall to the
paintings, hurried to the picture of Granny, took it off the wall and behind it was a built in vault,
red was snapping her fingers trying to remember the  pass-code, It was a very long and complicated

Red didn’t know what do now so she hurried to her bike with the recipes disguised in her hood.
Her legs started to ache after biking up this big hill to Granny's house, but she was to late, she
could just see granny tied up in her rocking chair, with a overweight man in a black suit talking
to her, as red creeped up slowly more people appeared with tuxedos and glasses.

After creeping slowly to the house, she just remembered that she was a former black belt, she placed
top in her karate class. Out of nowhere Red kicked the door down and knocked out two of the
guards, three more to go including the Big Boss. sweeped the first person, second hooked in the
face, and for the big boss, a huge round house kick. The boss fell flat on his face shaking the cottage,
Red tied them up, called the police and saved the entire town, Including the recipes.

The End