Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Reflection on Functions and Loops

Today at Extension the yr7&8 had the chance to look at a few coding commands, and then we had some fun dancing to the Macarena. A Function is a named program that performs a specific task, and a for loop is a piece of code that has a command to repeat over and over again.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Noah's Back - About Me 20!8

Kia ora everyone! I’m Noah, I’m a Year 8 student attending Pt England School.
I have 3 brothers and 2 parents, I attend Tamaki Community Church every Sunday.
I am 13 years of age and a Prefect for 2018. A Prefect is a role model, they are the leaders
of the school. This year I want to achieve all my goals and hopefully be accepted
into a College.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

My Visual Mihi - 2018

                                                                My Visual Mihi:            (Click on the picture to see up close)

Here you can see my Visual Mihi, I have created this Art work to show other people what I believe in, where I like to go and what I like to do. We will start on the top right where you can see an Airplane, a Passport and a Suitcase, that means that I like travelling to places. Then on the bottom right you can see that I love Movies. On the top left you can see that I love food!, lastly we have on the Bottom left a Cross that symbolises that I believe in Jesus.

Extension Trip - Digital Nations 2030

The Extension students were very lucky to attend a Digital Nations 2030 Summit at Cordis Hotel. Our Extension group was one of the two schools that went, First we were gathered in the Creative Space (One of our Computer Rooms) to discuss what we will be doing at the Summit. Then we got on the bus and headed down to the Cordis Hotel in the City.

Everyone was very excited about all the new technology that we were going to try out, as soon as we got inside the building Zoe (OMG Tech worker) was introducing us to some code avengers, as we looked around the room we could see Coding games, Robots, Makey makey and a 3D Printer. We were split up into two groups, doing separate work, then it started getting loud and noisy from all the Photographers and Videographers, Even the Maori Television was there filming us.

What I got out of the Trip was experience over the technology that we used, skills for controlling  robots, information and Prizes, I won a Stickers, bars of chocolate and a code Avengers T-shirt.