Tuesday, 2 February 2016

N.F. The Rapper.

NF is a 24 year old American Christian Rapper/Singer that goes to different countries to perform. We came to a giant music stadium where N.F. also known as (Nate Feuerstein) was rapping, Millions of other people came and heard him, he hooked the audience with his awesomeness and Rapping.

Heaps of people loved him so much everyone asked for another 3 songs because his songs were fantastic. when we left NF went into a marquee and was giving people his signature by a vivid. Thankfully I got a handshake with him and his signature on my arm. I was so annoyed when it came off.

By the way we were at Festival one a festival that people come to and set up a camp site. They can do what they want to do. back to the story, after N.F.s awesome performance we went to the Village that is where all the food markets are. It was the 2nd to last night there so we went and bought stuff.

We started walking back to our so cool campsite that the day before we got a trophy. A very shiney and flash one, it said BEST-CAMPING-COMMUNITY. I was staring at it just before I got into my tent and went to sleep. would you like to come to Festival one next year in 2017?,  because tickets are on sale this year. Only if your interested   
Here are some of his songs that he did,  (Click on the links)
All I have-NF              NF-Intro


  1. Noah! It sounds like you had a great time at the festival! How lucky are you to see NF in concert and get his autograph! What is your favourite song that NF sings? I will definitely need to check him out!

  2. He is an incredible lyricist and vocalist for only 24 years of age!
    What a privilege we were able to see him perform. It's a pity about his autograph rubbing off your arm, but I'm really glad that you have showers;) and come out smelling fresh and beautiful.
    Were there any other musicians or bands you enjoyed at the Festival?
    Love Mum

  3. hey yogi poo its boo boo nah just joking its flubchub really noah you didnt talk about the signiture or the water hole or the lollies you are totally yogi poo well thats why i named you because your yogi the crasy guy and your a poo well thats why i named you seeeee yaaaaaaaaa broooooooooooootherrrrrrrrrrr.