Friday, 6 May 2016

Noah's Immersion Assembly Recount

The moment I woke up, Team 4 was doing comics and Superhero's. I felt really Pumped for school,  I happily walked to school so anxious to see Team 4’s Movie, I put my bag on a chair, lined up in two straight lines and walked to the hall for a awesome Immersion Assembly.  

As I sat down my friend Ajani, came and sat down next to me, We sang the national anthem, sat down, and got comfortable  for the movies, first there was Team 1. They made a movie showing their favourite things, which was cool, I don’t want to tell all of them because it will take ages. So skip, skip. Now there is Team 4.

Comics were invented in 1827 by Rudolph Topffer, I love Comics They make you so into the book and make you never put the book down. If you don’t like comics you must be so weird.

So Buy a comic, Read it and never put it down. Thank you for reading my Writing.

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