Monday, 27 June 2016

Noah's Real life Hero (Captain Sullenberger)

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A brave, smart, skilled man by the name of Captain Sullenberger, was a great and noble pilot. Before he became a US pilot, he took lessons, and then training. He had to be a pilot with his co pilot First Officer Jeffrey Skiles on a passenger plane with 150 passengers inside. He flew that plane on January 15th, 2009, from New York's LaGuardia Airport, to International Airport in North Carolina.                                                                                                                        
The plane flew higher and higher as Captain Sullenberger steered the yoke carefully so they would fly straight to there destination. As the plane flew over the Hudson river, a flock of Canadian geese were flying by flapping their wings so they wouldn't drop. As the plane flew the Canadian geese got sucked straight into the engine.  People call it bird strike.

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As the smoke rose out of the plane, he had to land it, or it would be all his fault. He had to warn the passengers.“This is the Captain speaking, we have a slight problem with the engines, we will have to land in the water. Buckle up your seatbelts and hold on”

The plane shuttered and shaked everyone felt horrified, until the plane plunged in the water but didn't sink, 150 people screamed and shouted, Captain Sullenberger calmed them down and said “get on the wings the lifeguards will come” As he said the lifeguards came in a roaring boat. They all stood on the wings of the plane, as the lifeguards went away and came back dropping off people on the wing of the plane, Captain Sullenberger and Jeffrey Skiles both got on the wing of the plane and got carried back to land.      

All the 150 people that were on the passenger plane flown by Captain Sullenberger were saved and are very grateful for his bravery and skill.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Maori Warrior Narrative Writing

A big pulse of fear ran through the young warrior. As Maori warriors from the enemy tribe came to attack him, he stayed still. Soon they came closer and closer. He sprang down the hill swinging his patu aiming at the evil enemy facing him. He ran down the hill with his muscular arms holding his patu tightly. Standing with pride as warriors came to attack, he clenched his teeth and screamed.

The young warrior’s patu struck each man from the enemy tribe. One down... two down... three... down, until they all fell on him. But as he turned the chief of the other tribe rushed in and said “you will come with us and be our prisoner” just before he hit him with his patu. That was the last thing he heard and saw when he blacked out.
When he woke up he wondered where he was. There he lay on the dirty mucky ground with branches acting as bars blocking the entry to the pit. The bold warrior grabbed his patu and whacked the wood, again, again, again, until they broke like firewood getting chopped by a axe. He climbed and then ran out thirsty for water. He was going to get his revenge.
Later that night, he hid behind the Whare where the enemy tribes chief lay there asleep. He stared at him then as he lifted up his patu it became higher and higher until boosh. From that night on no one saw the chief alive again. The young Warrior sprinted back to his village and his tribe for his own safety. Everyone in the Good tribe celebrated and cheered.

Friday, 10 June 2016

20 hour famine Writing!

No eating, no drinking, it could be The 20 Hour Famine, what do you think it might be? well I know what it is, the 20 Hour Famine is when you can't eat for 20 hours. You do it because some people don't have money, Food, shelter and drinks. Buildings are destroyed, people bombing refugees, which is very sad. We have an event at school, where we get in teams, but the best team is finally….The best team out of all of them… THE BLUE TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :} :} If you would like to come first, Go on this site Ask your mum!!!

Noah's Avengers Assemble!

With his bulging muscles tensing, his teeth clenching together as he jabbed the boxing bag one, one, two, two, he was in a old boxing arena, his eyes full control on the bag pretending it was a enemy, having flashbacks when he was Captain America. He leaned back faced his head to the ceiling and pounded with air catching his breathe, Ripped off his sweaty boxing gloves and took a rest. The sun went down as he ran to his flash apartment in the city on the 2nd floor, in room number 5. He did his usual, check his phone, eat dinner, a delicious chocolate chip cookie from the jar,  brushed his teeth, 650 press ups and climbed into bed with the fan on and the lights off.                                                                                                                                              
Steve Rogers (Captain America) woke from his sleep and heard hundreds of alarms almost 2 blocks down the street. He could barely go back to sleep, Steve jumped from his bed and got his uniform, his shield, and said “Let's see what's happening.” Pounding the pavement using his strong long legs that raced down the street. 3 police vehicles parked next to a strange object Steve had to take a closer look. Everyone was crowded around a weird shaped metal egg, then at that moment smoke creeped out of the cracks of the egg, every second the egg would open up more and more. People kept peeking and leaning forward trying to get a better view of what was inside this mysterious thing. At that moment it started making weird noises, and then, and then, BOOM! Ultron was alive he spoke to the horrified people in a way they would never forget “you are all dead”

Captain America threw his shield at Ultron, whack, Ultron fell to the ground. Captain yelled, “Get inside!” He sprinted out to defeat the evil Ultron. Steve whacked him, he slashed him, most importantly he kicked his but into the wall like playing squash. Then the police came, Ultron's last feeling of anything would be metal bars, in a dark miserable creepy Prison.                        

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Noah's Descriptive Writing

Extension Practice Writing

As the white glowing moon rose from the horizon, beaming it's light on the floor of the earth, an ordinary man stood listening attentatively. At first he heard the hooting owl in the nearby trees, then a vocal cricket chirping in the long swaying grass. But suddenly he was alerted to the noise of a howling cry from a vicious, savage, beastly coyote. Finn aimed his barrel, one eye open and the other closed, following the vicious beast scattering across the fields. He had to do it quickly or it was to late, POW! He missed, but the bullet scared off that coyote for a night, he had to make a plan, he would use the chickens as bate, and he will sneak in the coop, the next night it was a whole lot different.

The coyote was back, but he didn't see Finn, that coyote sneaked it's way into the chicken coop and glared at them. Finn peaked into the coop pulled the trigger and BOOM! The dark brown coyote fell straight to the planks of wood, the chickens squawked in a fright, but now that coyote was gone they knew they were safe.

Thank you if you read my blogpost have a nice day :) (Noah)

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Noah's Superhero Animation!

Noah's Superhero from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Here is my superhero animation. The superhero character I selected is Spiderman, Evil Robo the bady, saw Spiderman, he wanted to challenge him but spiderman was to good he had already turned him into a tin can. This movie has impressive detail, check it out!