Monday, 10 August 2015

Noah's Creative Story Starter

The Terrifying Escape
Walt: use adverbs to make our writing exciting. 
As I walked down a hill I heard something, something that was big and loud. Every time it got louder I felt more Horrified, I turned around then I looked down, I didn't see anything down there. So I stared up and still did not see a thing except for hills the sun, clouds and the sky.

I followed the sound hastily until I saw a massive aircraft. I was in an enormous shock!, It sort of looked like it was going to crash. I started walking backwards then began to jog after that it was about 20 feet above me. At that point I was Sprinting as fast as I could, hoping it will go straight over my head. It smashed on the ground but it was still moving towards me, I kept running until I tripped up on my lacer. I knew I could roll to the other side without getting hit. It was risky I thought of it then did it, I rolled to the side and when I looked down the propeller ripped part of my t shirt, it went straight over me, after that I caught a plane that hopefully would not crash and safely landed then drove home in my Toyota.

What would you feel like if you were in that situation.
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Monday, 3 August 2015

NSASM Deforestation

Hi my name is Noah and I made a DLO with my friends, Our Movie is about Deforestation.
Hope you Learn not to cut down to many trees.