Monday, 29 February 2016

Noah's Writing narrative

Long ago, in a time of life, there were three mountains. The first mountain was named Mt Wellington, He was very strong and was the wisest. Then the next Mountain, who was the smartest. He was Timmy. He knew almost everything, and the last and least strongest was fear he was scared of everything Especially The Evil Doctor Mouth Claws, Worst villain ever known, he would fly around the mountains saying “I'm the best, I'm this and that” blah blah blah, So annoying. The mountains strongly disliked him very much, But what Mouth Claws never knew, there was not just the mountains but also a humble kind strong Cowboy named Cowboy Jones.

He lived in a giant house and his dog shaggers, the house got covered by the trees so Mouth Claws couldn't see it, and one of the reasons why mouth claws never bothers to look is because he is scared of the green lake forest. Now let me tell you about Cowboy Jones life.

Oh the smell of sweet feijoas on the cool green grass, then there grows a giant tree that supports Jones house from falling.Then it happened the most weirdest thing. Mt Wellington got so angry at mouth claws that he moved fast all the way to mouth claws and bumped him into the sky. He was laughing so much he could barely breath. The other mountains were clapping and saying Well done! Mt Wellington Well done!

One sunny morning with the sun layers on my skin I felt the warmth and woke up with a smile on my face. I took the duvet off me and looked out the window I saw the creek and the ducks that lived in there. Then he realized that there was no yelling or screaming and rage upon the mountains. then he grinned a little bit and said finally that rotten, annoying, rude, teasing mouth claws is out of here. This was the best day of the week for him because he could go shooting with his rifle.

He would wait and wait and wait and slowly move up and BOOM! The bullet Went straight through a Pig, He sneaked up to the pig, he took out his pocket knife. He checked if it was dead then grabbed it by it's legs and into the house Hade had a wonderful dinner and went to sleep with no mouth claws to annoy him. The End

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  1. Very descriptive and I'm glad the good wins over the baddie!
    I wonder how Cowboy Jones used to sleep if there was normally so much yelling and screaming!
    Love Mum