Thursday, 14 April 2016

Noah's Year 5 and 6 camp Review

The blogpost I am Reviewing is Simon’s, in his first paragraph he tells the audience about how amazing it is to be on camp, He also tells them about the cool  activities and where he slept in the small tent. He said that his tent buddies were Kyron and Mitchell.

His second slide was talking about his group name ( Kind Crew) He also said Sabrina and him were the camp leaders for their group, he also said his group was awesome and helpful to anyone that was stuck with anything. I bet he loved being a camp leader.

His Third slide talked about the camp activities. His favourite activity was top town, and the reason why it was top town because his team worked together and also won. Then he explained all the other activities like cooking, Kayaking, free time in the hall, and camp practices.

His fourth slide is when the camp went to the papakura pools, He says his favourite thing about the pools was when simon and I were playing this shark game. How you played it is there would be two players, by the way you have to be in water/ Pool, one person would have goggles the other person had to run away or swim and if the shark (tagger) would touch you they would swap places.

After half an Hour of being in the inside pool we got to go in the outside pool, he shivered saying that one of the small pools were ice cold, he got so cold he ran in the lane pool beside the ice pool. It was way warmer in the lane pool than being in the ice pool.

Now it is the camp concert, He sat in the front of his team with sabrina on the other side. He said that heaps of groups went before him, they all hopped off stage until it was his camp item, he said he danced his heart out, then at the end of the concert they said “The winner is the kind legends!”

Simon would like to say Thanks to Mr burt for making Year 5 and 6 camp happen, also to the teachers that looked after us overnight. Lastly the cooks that cooked and prepared the food for everyone on camp. THE END

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