Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Noah's Holiday Highlight

Have you ever been to a sleepover?. I’ve been many times and it’s cool, In the holidays me and Toby my brother went to my nana’s apartment in city.

I was so excited! that I played with Toby until we left. Levi wanted to go to his friend’s place and Jordan wanted to go to jalens house. When I was in the car we were driving to get our cousins Alexis and Camryn. They got
in the car, we were on the motorway nearly in the city. My grandpa pulled out some Hot red chewing gum, my cousins love it.

I said “ I’m not a big fan of Hot red gum.”  but I ate it, we got to the apartment and we turned on the Tv, I watched Regular show, Adventure Time and Ninjago.
We also played Playstation and on the Computer.                                       

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Noah's Creek Animation


                                        Omaru Creek is in Glen Innes next to Pt England school it is polluted with alot of                                           peoples rubbish. What can you do to help our Creek from getting rubbish in it.