Monday, 14 December 2015

Athletics day

It was a long hot day when the sun went up above the horizon and shone on the land, I woke up from my long sleep and got ready for Athletics day. First of all do you know what Athletics is? It is a the sport of competing in track and field events, including running races and other events like jumping and throwing.

I got to school and saw Mr J get the lines for the class’s,I saw my class and Hine Moana I shouted go hie moana. Then I went to Mr Burt (The Principal) with my buddy Ajani and told him that we need to get the cameras for Photographers, I’m a photographer for the school and I take photos for PENN our school news.

My favourite event was sprints, until the race began. I stood ready to run for the finish line but I was nervous, like a lion trying to get across the river to the other side, Set  said Mr burt and he smacked the two pieces of wood together which means  Go!!! I sprinted but sadly fell I got upset a bit but I got over it and it was alright I had a great time and went home. The end.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Ambassador Application!

Kia ora my name is Noah and my culture is Maori, I am a year 5 student at Pt England School and 10 years old, I have been learning heaps in my work. Also I'm in Extension for year 5 and 6. I am applying for this job because I want to present to a lot of people around New Zealand and other countries too, also I would like to Represent Pt England and my family. My family would really appreciate if I got in, especially my Mum and Dad. I would represent my culture and my Grandfather on my dad's side.

Dec 2, 2015 2:19:08 PM.jpgI would love it if you could let me be part of the Ambassadors crew because it will be a big step for me and I will learn way more, I am good at speaking clearly and presenting to people, I know that my big brother Jordan has been an Ambassador and hopefully will help me with the Mihi. Thank you for reading my application, please consider me to become an Ambassador for 2016.  
From Noah

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Ant Boy wows Manaiakalani Film Festival 2015

Our term three inquiry was about Trade and Enterprise. During this term we didn't just learn about business but also about how people's emotions influence their decisions. As a class we learnt about empathy and "putting ourselves in someone else's shoes." We then took this quote and created a fun movie to share this concept. We also shared it with hundreds of people at the Manaiakalani Film Festival. I was one of the lead actors in this outstanding movie!
We hope you enjoy Ant Boy as much as our audiences did.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Noah's PES Logo

                        If I could have a choice I would choose this design to be the Pt England school logo.

Noah's mystery word quiz

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Noah's Holiday Highlight

Would you want to come to a camp?, with a foam cannon or have a disco party or play fun games like fun water games?. Well on the 1st week of the holidays my school Pt England had a camp, this camp is called Riverside camp at willow park, willow park has been on for I think more than twenty five years now.

We first went to school and sorted out our medicine, and bags, I put my bag in the first bus. I got inside and I sat with my friend Ajani, then we drove off, I said goodbye to my mum and my little brother Toby. I was so excited going to willow park for an entire week.

We got to camp and took all the gear to the dining area. I put my stuff upstairs in my cabin. I Sorted out my gear and then made up a name we were called the simbarians, what was cool is that after that we had morning tea, everyone went for the cookies and water, then we had lunch and dinner and after dinner we went to sleep. The loud hooter (wake up call) rang and woke us all up WOOOOO!!! , at first I thought it was the fire alarm. I told myself

I got dressed and rushed down to the gym. Some people were there and some people were still getting there, the reason why we went down to the gym from Monday to Wednesday we did jump jam and Thursday and Friday we did runs. On Monday we did made up jump jam, I was trying to stay awake for the entire Jump Jam. after that we had our little Bible study with our entire group, then we went down stairs and had breakfast. I always got porridge not weetbix not corn flakes but yummy delicious porridge.

Before the Quad Bikes and free time we had to practice our items for the concert night on Thursday but I won’t tell all of it, it will be too long. So back to the story, after finishing our dancing concert practise we were aloud on Mini Golf, tennis, bikes, green machines and the Quad Bikes when he said we could go I ran to the Quads and went in line and had a few turns then did the same as yesterday had lunch, Dinner, then went straight back to my bed said our prayers and shut my eyes and had a good night sleep.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Noah's Creative Story Starter

The Terrifying Escape
Walt: use adverbs to make our writing exciting. 
As I walked down a hill I heard something, something that was big and loud. Every time it got louder I felt more Horrified, I turned around then I looked down, I didn't see anything down there. So I stared up and still did not see a thing except for hills the sun, clouds and the sky.

I followed the sound hastily until I saw a massive aircraft. I was in an enormous shock!, It sort of looked like it was going to crash. I started walking backwards then began to jog after that it was about 20 feet above me. At that point I was Sprinting as fast as I could, hoping it will go straight over my head. It smashed on the ground but it was still moving towards me, I kept running until I tripped up on my lacer. I knew I could roll to the other side without getting hit. It was risky I thought of it then did it, I rolled to the side and when I looked down the propeller ripped part of my t shirt, it went straight over me, after that I caught a plane that hopefully would not crash and safely landed then drove home in my Toyota.

What would you feel like if you were in that situation.
Thank you for Reading my story Please leave a comment on my blog.

Monday, 3 August 2015

NSASM Deforestation

Hi my name is Noah and I made a DLO with my friends, Our Movie is about Deforestation.
Hope you Learn not to cut down to many trees.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Noah's Pizap art

Here is my Pizap art. I created it myself and I thought it was cool!!!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Noah's Biodiversity Animation

Walt: Create an animation about Biodiversity and Endangered species.

Noah's Biodiversity from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
In Extension I made a DLO about Biodiversity and Endangered Species. We drew an Animation and put it on our blog to show the people that are making Animals Endangered.

Noah's Holiday Highlight Recount Term 3 2015

Write all the adjectives you have to use here:
  • greedy
  • selfish
  • joyful
  • tiny
  • green

Start writing here:

Family Fun night!!! oh sorry I was just thinking about a night where my church and other people have fun, we bring Xbox 360 games, PS2 and dance central. Me Noah and my family are allowed to go because my Mum and Dad were part of the youth.

The first game that I played was this car racing game, me and my brother Jordan were playing the game like it was the hardest game in the world, Jordan beat me a lot of times but one race I won. he was a little greedy, In that game there is not only racing but also crashing competitions

After that Jordan started to get selfish, he went away to play another game which was dance central, but then it started to get boring so they changed it to kinect sports. Now kinect sports are when you can play Boxing,Soccer, Beach volleyball,Track and field and Table tennis. So my brother said to me do you want to play Track and field, now Track and field is when you run on a track not a green field, you also do olympic games like Sprint, Javelin, long jump, discus and hurdles .

After Jordan calmed down a tiny bit me and him were partners for boxing, I got ready and felt like Jordan was going to beat me. The bell rang and we were supposed to fight, he jabbed me a couple of times and I knocked him out twice, then we kept punching each other until the bell rang for the 2 round, after we played other games, and I won I was so Joyful that I won that time.

I hope that when it is family fun night you can come along and enjoy the fun.
We might bring other PS2 games instead of just one game.

Screenshot 2015-07-24 at 13.19.09.png  This is where we had our Family Fun night Tamaki Community church Court Cres, Panmure.    

Monday, 20 July 2015

Noah's Word cloud

                                                      Here is My Holiday highlights

Friday, 17 July 2015

Noah Teaching skills about Snowboarding

Hi my name is Noah, I just came back from snowboarding. If you read my story there are some skills that will help you for snowboarding if you get to know them for yourself. Have you ever been to Mt Ruapehu? It is not like Mt Wellington or Mt Eden. Mt Ruapehu is a mountain with snow, where people snowboard or ski on.

When we went snowboarding my Dad told me to do S’s (carving), instead of falling off a cliff.
I would rather snowboard down the hill then fly off the mountain! Snowboarding is pretty hard to do but when you know how to do it it’s easy.

I felt like a professional zooming past everyone doing my S’s.
I start by facing my board down the mountain with my left foot forward. You need to keep your knees bent - it’s kinda like riding a skateboard.

When you’re up on the mountain, how you do an S, is to look up the mountain, dig your toes into the snow and lift your heels up. You will end up facing up the mountain. That’s a toe side turn.

When you’re getting to close to the wall, and you’re about to crash and hurt yourself, you can switch to heels by looking down the mountain, digging your heels in and lifting your toes up. That’s called a heel side turn.

It’s easier to C’s before S’s. I went through that and it became much easier to do an S.
A C is half of an S, and instead of switching you stop after doing a turn one way.
After you switch from toes to heels and look back up the mountain, you see an S shape in the fresh powder.

Skiers have different techniques than snowboarders, because if you are a skier you do “pizza” and “chips”. “Pizza” is when you make a shape of a triangle, where the front of your skis are together and the back of your skis are facing outwards. It slows you down.
When you do “chips” your skis face straight and instead of stopping you go faster.

When I saw my brother, Levi, going on a jump, I wanted to go but I felt a bit nervous.
Then I saw my brother Jordan do a jump, and I decided to have a try at going on it too.
So there I was, strapping my bindings in and waiting for my turn.
I snowboarded down the hill toward the jump, doing an S and I lined my board up… and at the right moment, I went up the ramp and jump. I felt terrified when I was in mid-air but I didn’t land it properly so sadly slide down the ramp on my stomach. I was embarrassed a bit and got a little angry so I decided to go on the poma by myself to get back up to the top again (it took ages!)

I was on the poma, made it to the top, I strapped in one foot and pushed my board to the jump again just in time to see Levi go up the ramp but land hurtfully on his shoulder.
On my second chance on the jump, getting a little nervous, strapped both legs in and took off!
Down the hill, I glared at it and thought “line the board up Noah”.
I lined my board up and bent my knees and took the jump - flying through the air like Superman, landed safely after the jump and dug my toes in to turn out of the way of the others coming down.

Me and Levi wanted to go up high so we caught a chairlift and it was called Movenpick up, up we went above the snowy and icy trails. While we were up there, the wind was blowing so hard that our chair rocked from side to side and I was able to touch the pole that was holding the cable to our chairlift. When it was time to get off the chairlift, the Lift guy told us to duck down so that it would be easier to ride off the chairlift. I didn’t make it any other time but good for me my Dad put gripy spikes so that my board will not be slippery, I made it and strapped in once again and went down the mountain doing S’s. Then we got in the car and traveled home. Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 5.11.59 pm.png

I hope that when you snowboard you can learn your S’s and I’m not only talking to kids I mean anyone who want’s to snowboard.

If you want to know when the mountain is open to snow board on or get a family pass, click on this Link

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Noah's Game Animation

Would you like to play a better game than old boring games like Run1 and Run 2.
There is a New game coming out in 2016. My game is called Running Stickman. By the way the creator who is making this game is called Noah. The lead character in this game is called Powerman. You use him to defeat the enemies.

Powerman is a stickman that can kick zombies and slice bad mushrooms. He slices them with his infinity sword. First he comes out of a Magic portal which ends up under ground. That’s level one so its pretty easy.

Then Powerman climbs up a tall ladder and reaches the surface. He ends up in China where there's a zombie waiting to eat him. Try and kill it. When you beat the zombie you have to try and get up on to the roof and defeat the bad mushroom.

Powerman goes through the next portal where he ends up on a boat. Flash! A lighting bolt strikes it and the boat blows up. He is now underwater. He gets his snorkel on so he can breath and starts to swim. He finds underwater mushrooms and zombies with snorkels and starts an underwater level.

I think this will be a better game than other games like Run 2,
hope you like my game please leave a comment on my blog.

Task: you are to create an animation of a game that is entertaining for you and your friends to play during a wet lunchtime
Graphics and Animations to demonstrate game:
1. You will need to draw a scroller background within your theme. This will include objects to move under and jump over.
2. You will need a detailed animation of your character in different stances. e.g. A walking, jump and squat.
3. You will need to show the purpose of the game. e.g. how to win/lose a life.
4. Show the equipment your character needs to defeat the enemy.
Script to write and record to explain how to play.
1. Introduce the character and theme of the game.
2. Instructions on how to move your character (change your characters stance).
3. Explain the purpose of the game and how you gain or lose a life.
Put this explanation and demonstration in an imovie to share with the world.
Voice Over: Explaining how to play your gameYou have not given enough information (in graphics and audio) about how to play your game.You explain some of the features of how to play your game.You have detailed information about the features of your game and how to play it.You have given clear and precise information about the features of your new game. You have given extra information and have gone the extra mile. Your ideas are original.
GraphicsYou have shown a small amount of features of your new game. Basic graphics and animation show accuracy, but with limited detail.Graphics and Animation show detail and accuracy.
Background adds detail to your animation.
Excellently detailed graphics with the WOW factor!
Includes original details: characters, backgrounds and storylines.
Audience Appeal Little or no thought of your audienceYou hold your audiences attention somewhat. You capture your audiences attention, hook them in, keep them interested, entertain, intrigueYour digital learning object has the WOW factor. Extra thought and original ideas added.
Clarity of message The learning you shared was not clear. The task was incomplete.Your audience understands some of your message or information.You get your point across clearly and your audience understands your message.You have completed the task and went beyond, giving extra information.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Noah's Paragraph writing- Chimp in Space

A space Chimp bravely walks out into the icy milkyway. If you can see behind the  chimp that's planet earth, but a Russian chimp discovered planet Malgor and on that planet was weird aliens he so wanted to go but he was to young his name was comet.

Then comet wanted to go so he went into the Rocket, 2 minutes later he was playing around and accidentally switched on the boosters and in 20 seconds he was gone in the air. Now he's in space amazed that he started floating because there was zero gravity.

The Rocket crash landed on planet Malgor It did not look like Earth. Then he opened the door and he heard screaming and shouting he ran to help and so aliens running towards him, he asked a alien and he said “it’s Zartog the Destroyer!”

There was Zartog freezing other aliens and making them as stachus. Then comet had an adea to push Zartog into the freezing icy water, that if he pushed him in Zartog could freeze to death. So comet put little cars behind him so when he pushes him he will slip and fall in.

So there he was in front of Zartog,but Zartog recognised that he was up to something he spoke “who are you and where do you come from” comet replied “I am comet a space chimp” and I’m here to destroy you, and as he moved closer and closer comet yelled “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” and as he shouted Zartog ran backwards as fast as he could. Zartog fell in and froze everybody wondered what happened to him, then someone shouted hooray he's gone and as they had a amazing party comet got into his Rocket and flew off back to Earth.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

My Adventure at the Farm

Kia ora, Konichiwa,Talofa, kia orana and greetings to you all, by the way if you do not know me I am Noah. I go to Point England school, Every Year My Mum and Dad Help organise a camp for our youth to go to, it's HM Rage it's in Matamata. What do you think HM Rage means? Well I do, it means Her Majesties's Rage. I do not know why they called that but they do,While they are there me and my brothers Jordan the 2nd oldest and Toby the youngest, my oldest brother goes to Rage. We go to our friends parents Farm I love it there. it's so much fun, but it would be so awesome to go to rage. The reason why we don't go to HM Rage is that were to young. You have to be year nine or up to go.

When we go to the farm, Every morning I wake up at 6:30 and get ready to shift the Friesian cows and jersey cows. So we would get our Thermals on and warm track pants then I grab my warm snowboarding jacket and a beanie, when we go out side we put on our gumboots. Mr Wallace our caretaker drives his quad bike and attaches a trailer to the back. Then he would start the engine, the engine Roared like as if it was a lion ready to pounce on it's prey. then the clock struck 7:00am we hopped on the back and we were off.

We were on the stinky fields and it looked like it was made out of poo. A lot of cows made a noise like this "Moo" there were a Electric fences and wood fences, we drove up to the hills and saw the oldest cows we drove in and went down the field. It was so scary because they were so close to us that I felt like screaming, we shifted them and one was left behind the fence. We asked Mr Wallace to chase it away, when we were running to chase the cow It jumped over the fence and started to run.

                If you want to know more about HM Rage then look on this link

Noah's Paragraph writing- Man in Space

                              What do you think is behind this astronaut its Earth?  

In our year 5 block, and our amazing big class, we have a fantastic teacher by the name of Mrs Jacobsen, who is pregnant with a baby.

We have a maker space class, were we build in that area, Mr Barks the teacher he is like a giant but very funny.

At our school our principal, Mr Burt is kind and gentle in mysterious ways, when a rugby game plays on our field he lets us go a cross without getting hit.

We have been learning how to write creative sentence.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Noah's Tablemaster

In maths we have been learning the 6, 7, 8 and 9 timestables. Here is my Tablesmaster score for today.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Noah's Jack and the Giant beanstalk News Report - Term 2 2015

Breaking News: Jack and the Giant beanstalk            
On Saturday the 23rd of May, there was an interesting death that was found in Jack's backyard. Nobody knows how this could of happened. A Giant found in a hole dead probably fell off the massive beanstalk. Police and Ambulance,Scientists and Reporters are trying to find out how this giant sadly died.   

They also want to know how did Jack be poor and become rich in a day.
A day before the giant died Jack’s Mother told Jack to sell the family cow for some money. He was walking and saw a old man, the old man was carrying something glowing inside his left hand. The man told Jack “Hey kid, want to swap that fine cow for some Magic Beans” they swapped and jack was walking home.

After that Jack came home back to his farm house. When he went into the house he showed the beans to his mother hoping that she would like it, But sadly she screamed at him and through the beans out the window.

The next morning Jack wasn't that happy, getting out of his bed he noticed that there was a strange very tall axially enormous Beanstalk Jack Hurried to the back door and slammed it open he ran and started to climb up,up and up he went even though his leg were tired he still climbed up until he saw a huge castle “WOW” he said with a slight grin. Now that is the story of Jack and the Giant Beanstalk. The End

Monday, 25 May 2015

Noah's Nepal Earthquake Report - Term 2 2015

SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE there's an Earthquake
Noah.S 11/5/2015

It was a tragic story that happened in Nepal. There was a massive earthquake that affected Nepal. more than 6,000 people died. There was a Baby pulled out from a collapsing house nearly dead. After this earthquake thousands of people were suffering, and sleeping on gravel Roads and in old tents, there were also the search and rescue people helping to find citizens that were trapped in broken bricks trying to get out!!! About 1 million kids at nepal didn't go to school, because 24,000 classes have been damaged.

I just heard That on the 13 of May 5:00am There has been another Earthquake That has affected Nepal.  Millions of lives are dieing and are needing peoples help to get them to safety. If another Earthquake hits Nepal , soon Nepal isn’t going to be an country anymore.

Noah's Skateboard Design Challenge

Noah's ixl knowledge

In maths we have been learning the 6, 7, 8 and 9 timestables. Here is my score for today on IXL.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Practice knowledge

In maths we have been learning the 6, 7, 8 and 9 timestables. Here is my score for today on IXL.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Noah's Mothers Day Blog Post

It’s Mother’s Day today so let me tell you about my mum...

My mum is shannon.
Her job is to help at the church.
She likes to hang out with the family.
Her favourite food is pork or steak.
Her favourite colour is green and yellow.
Her favourite thing to do is, go to sleep.
If my mum had time, she would read.
She always says hello gorgeous.
My mum and I like to watch movies.
She is really good at dancing.
The best thing about my mum is that she is the best mum I will ever have.
My mum is special to me because my family loves her.

My mum is shannon.
Her job is to help at the church.
She likes to hang out with the family.
Her favourite food is pork or steak.

My Mum beautiful.

My mum is as pretty as a rose.

She is as sweet as caramel chocolate.

She is as smart as a scientist.

She is as precious as crystle.

I love my mum because she looks after me and my family.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Noah's Game Review

The game is Run, the point of the game is to pass a hard obstacle. your  
character is an alien, who runs in space to the next level  and it gets  
harder and harder.