Friday, 10 June 2016

Noah's Avengers Assemble!

With his bulging muscles tensing, his teeth clenching together as he jabbed the boxing bag one, one, two, two, he was in a old boxing arena, his eyes full control on the bag pretending it was a enemy, having flashbacks when he was Captain America. He leaned back faced his head to the ceiling and pounded with air catching his breathe, Ripped off his sweaty boxing gloves and took a rest. The sun went down as he ran to his flash apartment in the city on the 2nd floor, in room number 5. He did his usual, check his phone, eat dinner, a delicious chocolate chip cookie from the jar,  brushed his teeth, 650 press ups and climbed into bed with the fan on and the lights off.                                                                                                                                              
Steve Rogers (Captain America) woke from his sleep and heard hundreds of alarms almost 2 blocks down the street. He could barely go back to sleep, Steve jumped from his bed and got his uniform, his shield, and said “Let's see what's happening.” Pounding the pavement using his strong long legs that raced down the street. 3 police vehicles parked next to a strange object Steve had to take a closer look. Everyone was crowded around a weird shaped metal egg, then at that moment smoke creeped out of the cracks of the egg, every second the egg would open up more and more. People kept peeking and leaning forward trying to get a better view of what was inside this mysterious thing. At that moment it started making weird noises, and then, and then, BOOM! Ultron was alive he spoke to the horrified people in a way they would never forget “you are all dead”

Captain America threw his shield at Ultron, whack, Ultron fell to the ground. Captain yelled, “Get inside!” He sprinted out to defeat the evil Ultron. Steve whacked him, he slashed him, most importantly he kicked his but into the wall like playing squash. Then the police came, Ultron's last feeling of anything would be metal bars, in a dark miserable creepy Prison.                        

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  1. What an incredible Avenger to have on your side if there's trouble.
    Great story Noah.
    Keep working on your grammar (putting in commas, fullstops and capital letters etc.) in the right place and you, like Captain America, will be unstoppable!
    Love Mum