Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Noah's Explanation Writing - Technology as a PED

Swimming technology were banned from the Olympics because they were swimming too fast and they had already broken Twenty world records that haven’t been broken before. Now the male swimmers can only wear swimming shorts no t-shirts. Technology is very powerful to the Olympic games because people have started with shoes, tape, running blades, suits, bikes and more.
PED (Performance enhancing drugs) are tempting to use for an athlete that always loses, in Russia they wanted to win by cheating, so they used PED and started to win until a Russian athlete clean of PED maned up, and told the IOC Russia was cheating and so they were banned from the Olympics. The Russian Council was very selfish and cheated, then got their entire country banned from the Olympics and some of the clean athletes were banned as well.
Lots and lots of athletes around the world have used PED some of them have used it and thrown it away, others keep it as an ally to help them win, well that doesn’t go so well because they can get caught. Example, Justin Gatlin used PED and threw it away, and some athletes still think he is cheating.
So if you are an athlete and want to win gold medals do not use PED, God gave everyone a gift to do something great, Hope you enjoyed my writing.

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