Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The Adventure

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With the Sun's flaming layers of heat coming upon me I could tell it would be boiling hot today. A lot of hours before I received a message, on my email by my grandmother, saying “Would you like to come on an adventure”, It was a very full on day at school. With my friends asking me where are you going? or what are you going to do there? They kept on asking me these questions but I said no because at the start of this Paragraph I said that it would be a surprise location, The place I was Excitingly going to was a camp in Waikato called Miranda hot springs.

Then after maths just before lunch I got my Chromebook my bag and sensibly walked to the office waiting to see my mum. I saw Toby (my brother) So anxious to go to the Surprise location. My Grandmother took me and Toby to the Mini storage in Penrose, we put all our gear in the Motor home, then started the engine it roared like a lion as we drove away.

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