Thursday, 9 June 2016

Extension Practice Writing

As the white glowing moon rose from the horizon, beaming it's light on the floor of the earth, an ordinary man stood listening attentatively. At first he heard the hooting owl in the nearby trees, then a vocal cricket chirping in the long swaying grass. But suddenly he was alerted to the noise of a howling cry from a vicious, savage, beastly coyote. Finn aimed his barrel, one eye open and the other closed, following the vicious beast scattering across the fields. He had to do it quickly or it was to late, POW! He missed, but the bullet scared off that coyote for a night, he had to make a plan, he would use the chickens as bate, and he will sneak in the coop, the next night it was a whole lot different.

The coyote was back, but he didn't see Finn, that coyote sneaked it's way into the chicken coop and glared at them. Finn peaked into the coop pulled the trigger and BOOM! The dark brown coyote fell straight to the planks of wood, the chickens squawked in a fright, but now that coyote was gone they knew they were safe.

Thank you if you read my blogpost have a nice day :) (Noah)


  1. Hi Noah

    This is a great piece of writing. Good to see that you have been practicing on improving your descriptive writing skills.

  2. You are a great storyteller in person, Noah.
    Great to see you applying those skills to your writing!
    Love Mum