Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Will He Save Her

A cold windy day got worse and worse, with Rain coming down Pouring on New York City, they  called it “The big Storm.” Spiderman crouched on the Second building closest to Mary Jane's work. She was a News Reporter, she went to work at 7am and left at 9pm but that storm never stopped. Mary would Interview many people in and around New York city, Sometimes she got to go to other places, she would interview The President of USA, The Mayor, some famous people but never Spiderman.

After work at 9:02 Mary sat comfortably in her fancy car and started driving, her motor roared like a lion as she drove out of the parking lot, went down the motorway heading to the bridge. When she got to the start of the bridge Spiderman, started jumping over buildings getting a better view of Mary's safety, At that moment a Dirt truck intersected into Mary's lane just in front of her, But suddenly the trucks tire loosened, and hit Mary's car which bowled into the side of the bridge, Mary couldn't move out of fear, her car creaked and leaned back and forth.

Spider Man was already on the bridge trying his hardest to get Mary to safety. The vehicle leaned ford, to far and slipped off the bridge. Mary jumped out of the car and tried to land in the water safely, Spider Man leaped down his eyes widened as she got closer and closer to the water. He sprang out a web trampoline and attached it underneath the bridge, Mary bounced on the web, then came spiderman, he landed feet first, he was so quick he had already clenched to Mary and jumped up on the bridge, when they got to the top he put her down carefully Mary asked “who are you?” Spiderman said with confidence “I'm Spiderman!”.

Will she be saved? Yes

Alphabet Multiplication 3

Noah Character Description Task Extension

Friday, 20 May 2016

Noah's Fab Four Presentation

Noah's The Fab Four

   When Human              When Superhero  
    May 16, 2016 10:05:46 AM.jpg        May 16, 2016 10:07:51 AM.jpg
I have created a Superhero called Max storm he is a male human that lives a normal 19 year old life boxing for fame, but when he sees a bolt of lightning he turns into a 6 foot 5 22 year old superhero, a very famous hero, he takes care of villains and baddies but his strongest power is telling the future. My superhero is smart courageous, brave, tough, handsome, he's got muscles on top of muscles, fast and friendly. How he got his superpower is when he got struck by lightning.

One time he predicted that there was going to be a volcano eruption, so he cleared everyone closest to the volcano, and when it erupted no one was harmed, that proves he is a good hero. When human his cool outfit is   a peace long sleeve top, baggy track pants and black Sneakers, when superhero striped red and yellow suit with a cape and a head band with holes to see through.

If Max storm was real this is how he would help kids like us, if we do bad things later on in life, he could turn us a different way and change the future.  Thanks so much If you left a comment or read my blog, Noah out.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Archibald Baxter

                                          Screenshot 2016-05-11 at 8.37.16 PM.png     

Archibald Baxter lived his life courageously. He objected to participating in The Great War. Even though Archibald objected to war, he was conscripted to go to war by law or face punishment. People who said that they object to war were punished and called cowards, Archie would have been lonely. Archie grew up on a farm went to school, at the age of twelve, he got out of school and worked on the farm. He was the second of eight children who were poor and often hungry. He was courageous because he didn't believe in war but was forced to go anyway. The military police would often give him a beating, then put him in the front line who faces the enemy. This is how much courage Archie had. He knew he wouldn't surrender,even when he was tied to the pole in the snow and his entire body was numb, some time starved, and bullets were flying around him.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Noah's Immersion Assembly Recount

The moment I woke up, Team 4 was doing comics and Superhero's. I felt really Pumped for school,  I happily walked to school so anxious to see Team 4’s Movie, I put my bag on a chair, lined up in two straight lines and walked to the hall for a awesome Immersion Assembly.  

As I sat down my friend Ajani, came and sat down next to me, We sang the national anthem, sat down, and got comfortable  for the movies, first there was Team 1. They made a movie showing their favourite things, which was cool, I don’t want to tell all of them because it will take ages. So skip, skip. Now there is Team 4.

Comics were invented in 1827 by Rudolph Topffer, I love Comics They make you so into the book and make you never put the book down. If you don’t like comics you must be so weird.

So Buy a comic, Read it and never put it down. Thank you for reading my Writing.