Thursday, 22 October 2015

Noah's PES Logo

                        If I could have a choice I would choose this design to be the Pt England school logo.

Noah's mystery word quiz

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Noah's Holiday Highlight

Would you want to come to a camp?, with a foam cannon or have a disco party or play fun games like fun water games?. Well on the 1st week of the holidays my school Pt England had a camp, this camp is called Riverside camp at willow park, willow park has been on for I think more than twenty five years now.

We first went to school and sorted out our medicine, and bags, I put my bag in the first bus. I got inside and I sat with my friend Ajani, then we drove off, I said goodbye to my mum and my little brother Toby. I was so excited going to willow park for an entire week.

We got to camp and took all the gear to the dining area. I put my stuff upstairs in my cabin. I Sorted out my gear and then made up a name we were called the simbarians, what was cool is that after that we had morning tea, everyone went for the cookies and water, then we had lunch and dinner and after dinner we went to sleep. The loud hooter (wake up call) rang and woke us all up WOOOOO!!! , at first I thought it was the fire alarm. I told myself

I got dressed and rushed down to the gym. Some people were there and some people were still getting there, the reason why we went down to the gym from Monday to Wednesday we did jump jam and Thursday and Friday we did runs. On Monday we did made up jump jam, I was trying to stay awake for the entire Jump Jam. after that we had our little Bible study with our entire group, then we went down stairs and had breakfast. I always got porridge not weetbix not corn flakes but yummy delicious porridge.

Before the Quad Bikes and free time we had to practice our items for the concert night on Thursday but I won’t tell all of it, it will be too long. So back to the story, after finishing our dancing concert practise we were aloud on Mini Golf, tennis, bikes, green machines and the Quad Bikes when he said we could go I ran to the Quads and went in line and had a few turns then did the same as yesterday had lunch, Dinner, then went straight back to my bed said our prayers and shut my eyes and had a good night sleep.