Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Noah's Practice Test 2016 - Writing

As Brian leaned his head back and gulped gallons of water to try and get cool from the hot sun. Alex was too busy enjoying his time listening to his tunes and driving, “Are we there yet?” said Brian, “Not yet maybe half an hour”  replied Alex, they were travelling into the jungle, but first they had to get past the hot sun in America.

BEEP... BEEP... BEEP... “Oh no the fuel tank is empty, we have to walk now!” Alex leaned the Jeep to the side of the road, grabbed the gear and started to walk. Brian Moaned “Boo this sucks!”. After a long journey they eventually found themselves in the jungle, Alex had a pocket knife at the back of him and he wasn’t afraid to use it, but as they went further into the jungle Alex got a tighter grip on the pocket knife.

Then Brian saw something unusual, a old cabin in the side of a tree, with a door that had broken glass and dusty doors Brian told Alex that they should check it out. Brian wanted to go in first because he was so dieing to see that something might be in there. At that moment a shimmer of gold caught his eye “What the…”

Brian carefully pushed the door, both of their mouths dropped to see tons and tons of Precious GOLD! They could not believe their eyes so they started shoving gold in their backpacks. They finally got a ride home and became two of the most richest people in my story.

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