Friday, 30 January 2015

Noah in the SHARK CAGE part 2

                                part 2                                          Back to the story so ah? where was I again oh yes. allen gave my family each a gopro, so there I was in the cage scaring my but off with the gopro in my hand underwater. allen hopped in with us and took my family for a tour. as we were moving we saw ginormous sharks and stingrays there was a huge great sand tiger shark and this really cool wobbegong but what was even cooler was seeing a biiiiiiiig stingray came right under us. well see you later folks (song) Good bye farewell I will see you next time.

Noah in the SHARK CAGE PART 1

                            part 1

One day my family went to kelly tarltons to go in the cage to see the sharks. kelly tarltons is an under- ground aquarium where people see amazing  sea creatures. so lets get back to the main reason.
I was shivering with fear as I thought of getting into the cage seeing huge sharks come by, but then I stopped . because Allen our instructor, calmed me down because I knew he was going to look after us. We slipped on our wetsuits and water shoes then we got our snorkels, after that we hopped in to the cage. allen gave my family each a gopro, and thats the end of part 1 to be continued da rah da rah.


Festival One

One day me my family and cousins went to Festival one ( It was awesome, we first setup our camp site. then I leaped over to mum and said. "Can we go to the village"Now the village is like a market
where people buy food we by these delicious donuts. So Mum said yes "but you have to go with one of your brothers". So I picked levi but when we were leaving everybody came. when we were close      to the village.we saw magnificent camp sites as well as our one site was a space invasion with L.E.D lights for stars isn't that cool ,so when we got to the the village we ate donuts and had a cool time.
festival one is a place were you can see christian bands and tent there for a couple of days!