Thursday, 23 July 2015

Noah's Holiday Highlight Recount Term 3 2015

Write all the adjectives you have to use here:
  • greedy
  • selfish
  • joyful
  • tiny
  • green

Start writing here:

Family Fun night!!! oh sorry I was just thinking about a night where my church and other people have fun, we bring Xbox 360 games, PS2 and dance central. Me Noah and my family are allowed to go because my Mum and Dad were part of the youth.

The first game that I played was this car racing game, me and my brother Jordan were playing the game like it was the hardest game in the world, Jordan beat me a lot of times but one race I won. he was a little greedy, In that game there is not only racing but also crashing competitions

After that Jordan started to get selfish, he went away to play another game which was dance central, but then it started to get boring so they changed it to kinect sports. Now kinect sports are when you can play Boxing,Soccer, Beach volleyball,Track and field and Table tennis. So my brother said to me do you want to play Track and field, now Track and field is when you run on a track not a green field, you also do olympic games like Sprint, Javelin, long jump, discus and hurdles .

After Jordan calmed down a tiny bit me and him were partners for boxing, I got ready and felt like Jordan was going to beat me. The bell rang and we were supposed to fight, he jabbed me a couple of times and I knocked him out twice, then we kept punching each other until the bell rang for the 2 round, after we played other games, and I won I was so Joyful that I won that time.

I hope that when it is family fun night you can come along and enjoy the fun.
We might bring other PS2 games instead of just one game.

Screenshot 2015-07-24 at 13.19.09.png  This is where we had our Family Fun night Tamaki Community church Court Cres, Panmure.    

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  1. Haha - it sounds like Jordan is VERY competitive! Glad to see you knocked him out, especially because it was just in a game... a little bit like David challenging Goliath!
    I enjoyed all the other games like table tennis, connect 4, hangman and foosball. Love Mum