Monday, 25 May 2015

Noah's Nepal Earthquake Report - Term 2 2015

SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE there's an Earthquake
Noah.S 11/5/2015

It was a tragic story that happened in Nepal. There was a massive earthquake that affected Nepal. more than 6,000 people died. There was a Baby pulled out from a collapsing house nearly dead. After this earthquake thousands of people were suffering, and sleeping on gravel Roads and in old tents, there were also the search and rescue people helping to find citizens that were trapped in broken bricks trying to get out!!! About 1 million kids at nepal didn't go to school, because 24,000 classes have been damaged.

I just heard That on the 13 of May 5:00am There has been another Earthquake That has affected Nepal.  Millions of lives are dieing and are needing peoples help to get them to safety. If another Earthquake hits Nepal , soon Nepal isn’t going to be an country anymore.

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