Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Noah's Jack and the Giant beanstalk News Report - Term 2 2015

Breaking News: Jack and the Giant beanstalk            
On Saturday the 23rd of May, there was an interesting death that was found in Jack's backyard. Nobody knows how this could of happened. A Giant found in a hole dead probably fell off the massive beanstalk. Police and Ambulance,Scientists and Reporters are trying to find out how this giant sadly died.   

They also want to know how did Jack be poor and become rich in a day.
A day before the giant died Jack’s Mother told Jack to sell the family cow for some money. He was walking and saw a old man, the old man was carrying something glowing inside his left hand. The man told Jack “Hey kid, want to swap that fine cow for some Magic Beans” they swapped and jack was walking home.

After that Jack came home back to his farm house. When he went into the house he showed the beans to his mother hoping that she would like it, But sadly she screamed at him and through the beans out the window.

The next morning Jack wasn't that happy, getting out of his bed he noticed that there was a strange very tall axially enormous Beanstalk Jack Hurried to the back door and slammed it open he ran and started to climb up,up and up he went even though his leg were tired he still climbed up until he saw a huge castle “WOW” he said with a slight grin. Now that is the story of Jack and the Giant Beanstalk. The End

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