Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Noah's Game Animation

Would you like to play a better game than old boring games like Run1 and Run 2.
There is a New game coming out in 2016. My game is called Running Stickman. By the way the creator who is making this game is called Noah. The lead character in this game is called Powerman. You use him to defeat the enemies.

Powerman is a stickman that can kick zombies and slice bad mushrooms. He slices them with his infinity sword. First he comes out of a Magic portal which ends up under ground. That’s level one so its pretty easy.

Then Powerman climbs up a tall ladder and reaches the surface. He ends up in China where there's a zombie waiting to eat him. Try and kill it. When you beat the zombie you have to try and get up on to the roof and defeat the bad mushroom.

Powerman goes through the next portal where he ends up on a boat. Flash! A lighting bolt strikes it and the boat blows up. He is now underwater. He gets his snorkel on so he can breath and starts to swim. He finds underwater mushrooms and zombies with snorkels and starts an underwater level.

I think this will be a better game than other games like Run 2,
hope you like my game please leave a comment on my blog.

Task: you are to create an animation of a game that is entertaining for you and your friends to play during a wet lunchtime
Graphics and Animations to demonstrate game:
1. You will need to draw a scroller background within your theme. This will include objects to move under and jump over.
2. You will need a detailed animation of your character in different stances. e.g. A walking, jump and squat.
3. You will need to show the purpose of the game. e.g. how to win/lose a life.
4. Show the equipment your character needs to defeat the enemy.
Script to write and record to explain how to play.
1. Introduce the character and theme of the game.
2. Instructions on how to move your character (change your characters stance).
3. Explain the purpose of the game and how you gain or lose a life.
Put this explanation and demonstration in an imovie to share with the world.
Voice Over: Explaining how to play your gameYou have not given enough information (in graphics and audio) about how to play your game.You explain some of the features of how to play your game.You have detailed information about the features of your game and how to play it.You have given clear and precise information about the features of your new game. You have given extra information and have gone the extra mile. Your ideas are original.
GraphicsYou have shown a small amount of features of your new game. Basic graphics and animation show accuracy, but with limited detail.Graphics and Animation show detail and accuracy.
Background adds detail to your animation.
Excellently detailed graphics with the WOW factor!
Includes original details: characters, backgrounds and storylines.
Audience Appeal Little or no thought of your audienceYou hold your audiences attention somewhat. You capture your audiences attention, hook them in, keep them interested, entertain, intrigueYour digital learning object has the WOW factor. Extra thought and original ideas added.
Clarity of message The learning you shared was not clear. The task was incomplete.Your audience understands some of your message or information.You get your point across clearly and your audience understands your message.You have completed the task and went beyond, giving extra information.

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  1. I think your game is fully AWESOME! Most people would call your animation "retro" because it's kind of like the Atari game (you'll have to look up Atari games!).
    I particularly liked the description and voice over. Well done:) Love Mum