Thursday, 18 June 2015

Noah's Paragraph writing- Chimp in Space

A space Chimp bravely walks out into the icy milkyway. If you can see behind the  chimp that's planet earth, but a Russian chimp discovered planet Malgor and on that planet was weird aliens he so wanted to go but he was to young his name was comet.

Then comet wanted to go so he went into the Rocket, 2 minutes later he was playing around and accidentally switched on the boosters and in 20 seconds he was gone in the air. Now he's in space amazed that he started floating because there was zero gravity.

The Rocket crash landed on planet Malgor It did not look like Earth. Then he opened the door and he heard screaming and shouting he ran to help and so aliens running towards him, he asked a alien and he said “it’s Zartog the Destroyer!”

There was Zartog freezing other aliens and making them as stachus. Then comet had an adea to push Zartog into the freezing icy water, that if he pushed him in Zartog could freeze to death. So comet put little cars behind him so when he pushes him he will slip and fall in.

So there he was in front of Zartog,but Zartog recognised that he was up to something he spoke “who are you and where do you come from” comet replied “I am comet a space chimp” and I’m here to destroy you, and as he moved closer and closer comet yelled “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” and as he shouted Zartog ran backwards as fast as he could. Zartog fell in and froze everybody wondered what happened to him, then someone shouted hooray he's gone and as they had a amazing party comet got into his Rocket and flew off back to Earth.

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