Monday, 7 August 2017

Noah's Speech Planner: Why should kids have homework!

Today I can tell that you want something exciting! Something incredible something Amazing, and what could be more amazing than Homework! do any of you enjoy homework? I know it’s something people dislike but that is just a part of life, do you ever feel lonely when your siblings are outside having fun while you are stuck inside finishing off homework, homework is important because kids go home after school and do barely anything, it is very good if kids do homework so they are not distracted from any games or social media for example Facebook, But hopefully none of you have a Facebook account.

Did you know that homework also helps people have better marks in their reports, it can also make whanau included in your child's work, and can regain knowledge. Homework can also be good for teachers because if the student is stuck on a question the teacher know’s what they need to work on. As a kid homework is just like vegetable’s it doesn’t taste so good but you have to eat it. Homework also gives valuable practice with what you've learned in class, repeating classroom concepts at home helps to cement in your mind the things you learned.

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  1. hi Noah i really liked your speech and all the effort you put in to it and i think you should keep up the great work