Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Immersion Assembly Term 3

What a great start for term three, this term our whole topic is based on planet earth and beyond, the topic’s name is none other than the Guardians of the Galaxy. Would you like to know what the five teams have created in the holidays for there class focus. The reason why I liked this terms Immersion assembly is because it was much different than the other assembly’s.

Team 1 - Team 1’s focus was all about learning about the sun, the moon, outer space and how it works, they are also learning about how the earth keeps people alive. The team leader Miss Hockley came out and explained what they were doing and why she had giant glasses on.

Team 2 - Team 2’s topic focus was about how the sun and the moon change the earth. There movie was very interesting by how they sang and danced around, I really enjoyed there awesome costumes.

Team 3 - Team 3’s topic focus was about Time and seasons. In there movie they had trouble with time and how fast it went, they said they couldn’t set a time to make a meeting because of everything that was going on.

Team 4 - Team 4’s topic focus was all about exploring the universe by travelling to other places and seeing if it is safe for human lives, in the control room workers are smacking their keyboards to see if the astronaut was doing okay and how to move the rocket through space and set the destination.

Team 5 - Team 5’s topic focus is all about how tides change by the moon, also about what the moon is and the distance in space, One of the most important things that we are focusing on is the Gravitational pull.

The most informative movie was Team 1’s movie because they showed the most information about the planets and the stars and how hot the sun can be when people/astronauts go into space.

I think the most entertaining item would have to be team 5’s magnificent band, it was the most entertaining because all of the team 5 teachers were playing instruments and being silly, Mrs Judd however was lead singer and was very good at it.

The things I am looking forward in term 3 is learning about space and other planets, I also want to know more about people visiting other planets and seeing if there is another planet safe for humans.

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