Friday, 18 August 2017

Ormiston Junior college Extension trip GEGNZ Student Summit Reflection

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Today the lucky Yr 7 & 8 extension students had the chance of attending Ormiston Junior college GEGNZ (Google Educator Group New Zealand) In the classrooms we got to present our topics and visit workshops. One group presented to kids about scratch and taught them how to create a game, then another group had to present about PENN and how it works. The first thing we did before anything else was go to the auditorium and start the day.

We all learnt more about coding, stop motion and how to film.

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  1. Hi Noah,
    It was really nice to see you all when you visited. I'm glad I got to see the first part of your presentation. Sorry I couldn't stay for the rest of it, I had to get back to class. I hope you all enjoyed your time at the Google Summit and I look forward to seeing more of the amazing work you are doing.

    Arohanui from Miss Lavakula