Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Noah's Explanation Writing: Why people need to drink water?

What would we do without water, well not very much because our body needs to have water to survive. The human body has approximately 60% water in its body and even in the brain. Did you know that 70% of the earth is covered in water, if we don’t drink enough water we could go through dehydration, sickness, it can make us feel rotten.          

Did you know water helps things grow, it helps trees, plants, grass, everything, for a plant, water enters the stem, then travels up the plant to the leaves and that’s how it helps it grow. Right now it says that there are approximately over four hundred thousand plants left in the world and So we should take care of our plants or there will be less than 400,000 plants.

Why do we need water on earth, Water is precious and we can not survive without it, water helped plants to animals to humans, despite earth's appearance of water, less than one percent of the water on earth is fresh and usable.

Do you know about the water cycle, well it’s a system of how water works, here is a link to a reading called a interview with a glass of water, these are the states of the water cycle, Evaporation, is when the water goes up from oceans, lakes, rivers, and even off the ground. Transpiration is when the water gets lifted up from plants and trees and turns the water into vapor, and then gets lifted up into the sky, condensation is when the water that has been lifted from the sky turns into a cloud (Condensed water) then when all the water comes into the cloud it makes water drops that are stored into the clouds until they are heavy enough to fall down onto the ground, Precipitation is when the water that is in the clouds drop down in forms of either rain, snow, sleet or hail.

So we’ve learnt that we should drink water and how it helps you hydrated, we also learnt that water helps grow things, then we learnt why we need water on earth, and lastly we learnt about the water cycle and how it works.

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