Monday, 27 March 2017

My idea of a fun weekend

If I had to choose between a fun weekend or a sad one, I would choose a fun weekend, even if it’s chilling with my family and going to the pools and travelling to places, I love having a fun weekend. Here are a few ideas I would consider to make it a fun weekend.

Well I would start my fun weekend off by going to rainbows end. I would first eat a good breakfast like pancakes or french toast, pack some lunch and drive happily to rainbows end, I would go on most of the rides, and probably buy ice cream. I would won’t to go on the Invader, Roller coaster, Stratosfear, Power Surge, Fear fall and many more…

After Rainbows end I would enjoy going to the pools, I would pack swimming gear and googles. Then I would go to any pools I feel like, and have heaps of fun, bombing and doing flips off the diving board. It will also be refreshing if it is a hot day.

Lastly I would go to the Cinemas, I would go to the Sylvia park and get tickets, then would buy some snacks from the counter and head into the cinema with my Popcorn, Ice cream, Drink, and chocolates. Then I would enjoy watching a movie.

So there you have it, I have just explained to you what I would consider a fun weekend. Hopefully it will actually happen one day, If you are free on a saturday or sunday (After Church) try and do some of these things that are listed down here.

1. Rainbows end
2. Pools
3. Movies

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