Friday, 17 March 2017


Have you ever been to Polyfest? Well yesterday I went to Polyfest, Polyfest is a event that people go to and see other cultures perform, I was lucky enough to experience it with the team 5 year 7 & 8s. We saw many items including the Maori stage and Tongan stage. There were also a lot of stalls there that selled food and cool activities.

One of my favourite things was the program, it had fun and exciting activities, like Te Wananga O Aotearoa where they played music by the DJ, and used a 3D camera to take footage of all of us dancing, I enjoyed watching my friend Tevita show of his moves to everyone, while Tevita was dancing I was at the back dancing as well.

The second favourite thing I loved was the food, it was Delicious! Since we were allowed to use our own money, my other friend Simon had a ten dollar note in his bag. Luckily he said he was going to buy me something with his money. As we walked over to a little spot, me and my friends sat and enjoyed the marvelous Screenshot 2017-03-17 at 12.19.32 PM.png

I think Polyfest is good for students because the program tells them about the Pacific and languages, also they would probably love the food and the cool activities. It’s also good for students to see their own cultures being performed and spoken by lots of people.

Next time you hear something about Polyfest come along and  enjoy the performances and food and most of all HAVE FUN!


  1. Hi Noah,
    I’m one of your buddies from the quad blogging. I really like the way you structured your writing. I really enjoyed reading it. Good work!

  2. Hello Noah, I was at Polyfest too. I did enjoy the performance and the food just like you. It is great to see that you are writing about your experience during the weekend.

  3. Hi Noah,
    I'm really glad that you enjoyed yourself so much. I'm also glad that we had the opportunity to see some of the performances and stages (especially my favourite, the Māori stage!).
    Love Mum