Thursday, 5 February 2015

Noah's Holiday Highlight OR Immersion Assembly Recount Term 1 2015

In my awesome holidays. My family and me went to was on holiday for ages and I loved it, One of my favourite things is going  in the shark cage, Kelly tarltons is an underground aquarium. where people see cool creatures from the ocean.  I was so nervous I thought I was  going to be eaten. I had to where this tight wet suit and cool water shoes. and some cool snorkels.

I hoped in ready for the cage to move. The cage had little nets around the sides and a plastic floor with handles so you can dive under. Our instructor Allen said hold on to the white bar and if a shark comes close you can let go. Allen gave my family each a gopro and began the tour.

I saw a huge sand tiger shark come by we were videoing the whole  was scary because a big shark came so close to me,  I shivered with fear after seeing a gigantic stingray bump the plastic floor after wegot out we drove home and went to bed.

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