Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Me and my Dad getting a Boat

After church my Dad and me went to a far away place to pick up a inflatable boat. I had no idea where we were going. My Dad told me to get in the car. We stopped at a gas station, Dad filled his car up with fuel. It was ready for a drive we went inside and got drinks, chips, magnums and snickers then we continued.We sang songs and ate delicious chicken chips,  as we ate and drank ginger beer and lemon, lime and bitters I knew we were getting closer by every movement.

We stopped at another gas station and I got ginger ale. dad said "Okay back in the car". We hopped in and drove off. I was so excited, as we were coming down this street I saw a inflatable orange boat. We parked on the side of the road, and walked onto someones front yard, they said "Well this is your boat" The man explained to my Dad about the boat. I was just starring at it saying in my head wow, Im gonna loved this.

I put all the gear inside the car, Dad hooked the trailer on. Then we were off. We said goodbye and drove all the way back home, It was 9:36pm and I knew the boys were asleep we didn't have dinner so Dad said"Burger King" and I said" alright" we were getting in to Burger King, but it was closed and it looked completely open. "So where should we go" Dad looked over and saw KFC. I really wanted to go, we went through the door. I ordered a crispy wrap and dad ordered a burger it was yummy, I got home, it was 9:47pm and Jordan said "can I see the boat" we looked and then dad said"go to bed boy's" we went to bed and I thought of all the things that we did. The best thing about that was hanging with my Dad. Thats the end of my boat story. BY!!!!!!


  1. So have you been out in the boat yet? What a very cool adventure you got to have with your dad - I bet you two were cracking jokes the whole way.
    I look forward to hearing about the crazy shenanigans that you and your brothers get up to with that boat.

  2. How awesome you finally had a ride on the boat, while keeping everyone safe during the Raft Race! What was your favourite thing?
    Love Mum