Sunday, 1 February 2015

Kaiteriteri part 1

As we travelled one morning to Wellington I woke up refreshed. We packed yesterday so we didn't need to pack.
Oh sorry we were really travelling to Kaiteriteri in the South Island. Soooo we were going to Wellington, and stopped at a few places.

Along the way, the tyre from the trailer shredded and needed to be changed.

The playground in Wanganui was magnificent. There were fun playgrounds to go on.

We ate wraps, then got to Wellington and had a little nap. At our friend's house, Rodney, Kirsten and Harry, we stayed for a while then we left. I said to Mum "What's the time?" Mum said, "Twelve o'clock." "WHAT!!! It's late!"

The end of part one... Up next, part two.

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