Wednesday, 5 September 2018

How Baboons have red Butts - Pourquoi Tales

Deep in the tropical forest there lived all different kinds of animals and creatures, including
the baboons, the baboons lived in an amazing part of the jungle where nature provided them
with all the food the could ever want, and clean fresh water to bath and drink in, when it was a
cold day, they would march up to the boiling hot volcano, and wait for the lava to warm up,
surprisingly it never erupted, also they had never been encountered by a threat. It was paradise.

But One hot day that all changed. while the baboons were bathing in their icy cold water,
they felt a rumble in the ground, it was something they had never felt before, all the baboons
didn’t know what to do so they checked it out. It wasn’t a stampede, it wasn’t a storm, it was
the great watakuki Volcano mountain. The baboons were freaking out, and so they started to run,
as they were running they could see the bright orange and red lava streaming down beside them,
burning trees and wildlife.

The Baboons travelled for weeks and weeks and still did not find a place to rest, one day a
baboon saw a nice place to rest, and called the other baboons to see if it was suitable for everyone.
They were so exhausted that the only thing they thought about was relaxation and rest, they all
stood there like zombies staring at the sky, their eyes lids were saggy and their eyeballs were as
red as thick paint.

But they did not realise that the boiling Orange/red lava was creeping up behind them like a
predator getting ready to attack its prey. All of a sudden the baboons leaned over and all
sat down at the same time, there was silence, and then, AAAAAAHHHHH!!! All of the baboons
cried out and jumped up and down trying to find a way to stop the burning. They found
a waterhole and ran over like a stampede, what was a drinking hole was now a bath
(for the baboons).

So that's the story of how baboons have red bottoms, well I think?

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  1. I like your version of how baboons got their "red butts" - what a shock it would've been to sit in that lava... at the same time... ouch!
    Love Mum


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