Friday, 13 April 2018

The Night of FiaFia - 20!8 Recount

Image result for FiaFia wordsAs the sun went down, the lights flickered into life, the crowd suddenly started to make noises and
cheered, at that moment we entered the stage. Last night on the 12th of April PES had our very own
FiaFia, I bet your thinking in your head “What is FiaFia” Well let me explain, FiaFia is a
celebration of cultures where we acknowledge all the Cultures around the world.

This years FiaFia was a bonus, it was the last day of the term, it was FiaFia night, I was an MC and I was in Kapa Haka. In our Kapa Haka group we sang 3 Waiata (3 Songs) and 2 Haka’s, my brother performed like a Warrior and I performed like a leader (According to Mr Burt the Principal) all the parents were excited to see there children performing like stars. What an amazing night, I’m sure I will remember it forever.

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