Thursday, 26 April 2018

My Brothers Arrival!

Later today at 12:00 Mid - day my two older brothers (Jordan & Levi) are arriving at the Airport, they were very lucky to have this opportunity to go on a Kapa Haka Europe Trip. they started with an 11 hour flight to Hong Kong, than the plane had to refuel, the next country was a 12 hour flight to London where they went on the London eye, they visited Buckingham Palace and witnessed Big Ben. After all the excitement the group was very lucky to go on the Euro Star, the euro star is an electronic bullet train that took them underwater all the way to Belgium,

As soon as they left Belgium they had to come back to France early, so that they can catch their flight to Hong Kong. As they visited places all around different parts of Europe their journey was coming to an end. So today at 12:00 Mid - day they are coming back home.


  1. Wow! I had no idea your brothers got to travel this year. So many wonderful places too! Did they bring you back any souvenirs?