Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The Luge at Rotorua

As I woke up from my warm and comfortable bed in Rotorua, I saw my brothers Jordan and Levi asleep in there bed. I got out of my bed and looked out of the window it was pure sunny and a brilliant day to go swimming, but sadly we didn’t go swimming, we went to a fun and exciting place named Rainbow Springs.

We got in the car and drove out of town, the smell was horrible. At last we were there. We parked the car and walked into the building. I went to the counter with my dad and we bought tickets for the family to go on the gondola, it was really exciting. I love gondolas they are so cool, as I was saying we got into the gondola and waited for it to reach the top. Screenshot 2016-01-23 at 2.38.50 PM.png we got up on the platform and walked out of the gondola. We put on helmets for safety then we got in a line and waited, while we are waiting let me tell you about the Luge and what you do.

First of all do you know what the luge is and what you do? well let me tell the other people who don’t know. So the luge is a thin and long track and people drive little carts that roll down the track, all of them are windy and fast, there are three types of tracks the first and easiest one is called the scenic track which little kids go on or people that are not confident at driving that fast. then the second and harder one is called the intermediate track which is a lot faster and more sharp turns.

The last one which is the most difficult one that is called the Advanced track, it is the hardest one out of them all. professionals like to drift and skid, by the way I went on all of them and they were easy peasy, the line got shorter and shorter until it was our turn. We hopped in a cart and pushed forwards the carts don’t have motors so you sort of have to nudge your way off I was twisting and turning and drifting. I Saw this sharp turn up ahead. So I tried to drift as I was drifting the wheels screeched on the concrete. I was quite scared because I didn’t want to fall off the cart and land on the concrete.

When you finish the track, you go on machine chairs which take you up to the start,
at the end my dad said to my mum would you like to come on the zipline with me?(A zipline is a long line that you zip on) mum got so scared and told dad the next time we come here I will go. which is probably in two years, I Enjoyed it heaps and I thought it was lots of fun. From Noah


  1. Wow! It sounds like you had a great time in Rotorua, Noah. I hope that you'll find this year at school just as fun-filled and exciting :)


  2. Yes it's true - I'm more concerned about the zip line than the luge!
    It was a fun afternoon zipping and zapping down the windy tracks.
    Can you tell me why do you think the smell is so "horrible" in Rotorua?
    Love Mum