Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Biscuiting at Kateriteri

The moment I felt the fresh sea salt water on my skin, I was swimming in the Kaiteriteri beach. My uncle bought a fishing tin boat a very flash fishing tin boat. Inside the boat  it had  a little cabin to store stuff, cup holders a screen to tell where he was heading to, a folding in set and a little fish tank to put all the fish they catch inside there. One time I went fishing with him and his son and I caught four baby maco sharks. (but we didn’t keep them)
Anyways about Biscuiting. A biscuit is an inflatable disc that floats behind the boat, We all went down to the beach and most of us had a turn, it was first two big boys and one girl by the names of Mana Siaki and Izzy they had great fun. As I was talking to a friend Reina I was chatting to her until my uncle came and said your turn.

It was Me Reina and my little brother Toby, we started off quite slow then the speed was building up I do not know why but I never stopped laughing until I fell in. we curved on edges and drifted all around it was so much fun until he turned very fast and I fell straight in it pulled me down, under the water, I floated back up because I had a life jacket I got back on and my uncle started the motor we went up and down and up and down and up and down until finally my uncle took us in for a rest and for the last people.  THE END!!!


  1. Hi Noah,

    Wow! It sounds like you and your family have had a really wonderful summer holiday biscuiting at the beach. I've never been to Kaiteriteri beach before. Where is it located?

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    Wishing you a very good start to your year,



  2. Wish you all the best!
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  4. Kaiteriteri is at the top of the South Island next to Riwaka.

  5. What a crazy, terrifying and cool experience to hurtle along behind a fast moving (and very flash fishing) boat!
    I'm glad you were wearing your life jacket. What an awesome uncle you have.
    Love Mum