Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My family going snowboarding

My family going snowboarding

On an icy cold refreshing day, my family and I were travelling to Mount Ruapehu. Hi I’m Noah and I am at a small, but cool town called Ohakune, in the middle of the North Island. Near us, there is a gigantic snowy mountain called Mount Ruapehu.
Now let’s get serious. On the mountain there are two sides that you can ski and snowboard on. They are called Whakapapa and Turoa. 
I love Snowboarding!
The gear to go snowboarding are snow-boots, thermals, snow jacket, snow pants, gloves, snow socks, snow googles, snowboard, a family, a car and a helmet. 

When we got to the Whakapapa ski field, you could see snow flakes and snowy cars. It was bumpy on the frozen ice with my Dad’s four wheeled drive Mazda. To snowboard, you must first learn how to lean on your toes and heels so you don’t fall over and hurt yourself. But the thing that you need mostly is SPEED! Okay now I am finished for today so if you want to hear more I will see you when I get back from my holiday. Written by Noah the amazing guy!


  1. Noah you are so lucky. It is freezing cold here in Auckland too, but at least you have a fun reason for being cold. Have an amazing time and give me another update.

    Mrs Burt

  2. Hi Noah,

    I am glad you are having a fabuolus time at the snow. I stayed in Ohakune once - it is such a tiny town isn't it?

    I love the way you drive through the lush bush on the skifield road and suddenly the snow capped peaks of the mountain apear before you. It is spectacular!

    Could you please post a photo of you in all your gear? I'm pleased to hear you are wearing a helmet!

    From Miss Nalder

  3. Noah I like the way you play together with your friends From Adrienne