Monday, 7 July 2014

Noah's story

A shiver ran down my spine when I saw a freezing Icy cold pool, I leaned over to touch it with my little toes, my toes were FROZEN!. The shiver came back again, up my two strong legs into my farmers swimming togs hahoooo, I breathed out foggy smoke from my throat to my mouth and out, I thought I was a fire breathing dragon. So I stepped into the blue water of the pool, I jumped IN! it wasn't really cold after all, then I ducked in and did big freestyle moves and sucked in some water and spat it out, then rolled over on my back and relaxed just like when people sunbathe after that I got out and walked home suddently I screamed “WHERE IS MY TOWEL”

                                                                          The End


  1. I like your story and your vocabulary Noah keep up the amazing work. From Ajani.

  2. You have so much wonderful detail in your story, Noah. It is very very hot and humid here in Hawaii, but your story made me feel like I was in that freezing icy cold pool. It sounds very refreshing. Keep up the good work!

    Miss Sakumoto

  3. Wow Noah this a really good story there is a lot of detail

    from Nyree

  4. Hi Noah,
    Ilked the way you wrote so much words I couldn't belive it my eyes were suprised and I also liked the way you added alot of detail.