Friday, 20 October 2017

Noah's Niuean Language Week

Fakaalofa lahi atu It's Niuean language week!  Today at assembly we celebrated the Beautiful Niuean Language. We had an Amazing performance from the Niuean Group, First the Speakers that introduced the Item were TJ, Lomio, Trinity, Juliana, Rosalina and Judah. They all said there names, there mother and father and told us where they are from.

The music started and the girls went up and the boys slowly moved to the back, the girls did an outstanding dance and there were actually more Niueans this term. after the girls finished the boys came forward and did there Niuean Haka, after they finished they all sat down and the boys do there haka.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Noah,
    Thank you for sharing what happened for Niuean Language at PES. I wish I was there to see them perform. I hope you all had a great time learning more about the beautiful island of Niue. Keep up the great work.

    From Miss Lavakula