Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Noah's Yr 7 Special Week

Hello readers, last week we had a blast playing fun games, cooking and cool activities, the fun games we played were cup stacking challenges, the cooking we made were coconut truffles and lastly the cool activities like building towers out of marshmallows and spaghetti sticks. Now I will be telling about a few moments that was challenging, funny, made me feel nervous, and proud.

First of all, a challenging moment was when we were playing the marshmallow tower game, we had to stack them up high using only spaghetti sticks, the team that won got a clap, the people in my team were Tevita, Kosini, Sabrina, Simon and Mitchell. The sad thing was that we made a giant sculpture, but some of the sticks snapped and smashed the whole thing down.

Secondly, a funny moment was when we watched a movie called Cody Banks 2, it was really funny and made us all laugh, he was a secret agent that teamed up with British intelligence, to help destroy the evil men that wanted to take over the world using mind control microchips with a fake tooth to disguise it, but at the training camp none of the parents new that the children were agents.

Thirdly, a moment that made me feel nervous was on Friday where we performed our team chants. As Mrs Judd called our team up front to say our chant, I was so nervous because I was at Extension (Where people extend their learning) that morning so I didn’t practise it with my team, my leader’s got ready and screamed out the chant, for me I just followed on.

Lastly, A moment that I felt proud was at our school assembly before our games begun everyone had to line up except for me and a few others, I felt very proud of myself for standing up in front of everyone and taking over the role of being a Prefect, we had to make a korero for our school so they can do the right thing, the korero for that week was “Leave your toys at home” the reason we picked that korero is because we had a issue with people not doing their work because they were to busy playing with Fidget spinners.

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