Monday, 10 April 2017

Noah's Explanation Writing: What is one of my favourite pastimes

Hello readers, I am going to talk to you about one of my favourite past times, Well it has to start with Tidying up, I love tidying up because it makes me feel proud of myself and it looks very clean, plus I love playing with the vacuum because it feels like I’m driving a race car around my house, and besides if you do it then you won’t have to do it afterwards.

First I would have to go with tidying up because if visitors come to your house for a sleepover or for dinner, you won’t feel embarrassed if they say “this family doesn’t care about their house” so we should keep our houses clean and tidy because if people come over and see a nice and clean house they will want to stay the night there.

Lastly, we should tidy up our houses because if we clean it then after we won’t get into trouble by our parents. We should tidy up the first time or you will probably get in trouble. Your mother and father will be very proud of you.

There you have it, I have just explained to you what my favourite pastime is, so if you see anything that needs tidying up in your house, by all means tidy it up, but don’t shove it under the bed or in the wardrobe, instead tidy it up and life will be easier.

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