Thursday, 23 October 2014

Noah's healthy explanation

Some people don’t like healthy food, but I just adore it! Im going to explain to you what healthy lunch’s looks like, halved pita pockets, bulging with crinkly lettuce and spicy chicken. Up top to the right there are peeled, tapered carrots lying parallel in there container. Down low to the right are, chewy almonds with bark like husks. But up to the left there is blackberries raspberries and strawberries on a bed of creamy white vanilla yogurt. SIMPLY DELICIOUS!!!

Once there was a student at pt England school, his name was John and he had the healthiest lunch in the whole class. In his orange container there were halved pita pockets lying parallel on the lid. When he finished he saw delicious yogurt but not any yogurt, he picked up the spoon and scooped some vanilla yogurt with blackberries raspberries and strawberries.

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